My most exciting adventures, with

truly delicious babes and slavetoys

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Yes, I had many great experiences - with my slavetoys and other truly delicious babes.... And 16 magic moments of pure lust... And I guess it might be very interesting to read about them, so here is a documentary of my most exciting adventures... The names and some details are naturally different, but everything else is strictly documentary and I will complete the empty "-" chapters, when I have time...

A short presentation of myself...
My love life began, with Mavie and the amazing nymphette Ewa (written a lot)
2005-10-13The 16 most sexy views I seen, with unknown babes * and pictures!
My first slavegirl, Sue 2006-0614The meeting - To wet to fuck The first spanking and
her secret dream
- Outdoor games and humiliation - Bondage in a park Extreme
punishment at the Beach
- Jealous city pooping - Sue's little sister - The stupid end

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The petite little horse girl, Mia
The ebony painslut Noona, my second slavegirl - The first meeting - Hesitation
and a cruel promise - Breast torture - Wild whippings - Outdoor teasing
Sofie got the most extreme ass whipping * with 6 pictures!
A teeny slut, with a huge sloppy cunt!
Tessa, my third and very anal slavegirl * with one picture
The ultra perverse Asian babe, poopie
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2005-06-25Training Naomi, a petite slutty latina who wanted to become the most extreme sextoy
A delicious dumb German bimbo, with giant BOOBS and perverse desires
2005-06-26Colette, my ebony maid * with many pictures!
Nicole, my star in Extreme Erotica films * with some pictures!
2005-06-23The wild interview, for my films, with a very anal teeny * and one example picture

A friendly Warning! Some of this "glimpses" from my erotic history, might sound rather unrealistic or even incredible and I am sorry about that... But that is an unfortunate "side effect" from the fact, that this true stories would become three books (and not just three huge pages) if I did include all the surrounding details and events, that really would make everyone understand - that NOTHING in this documentary is spiced (type glorified) or just horny fantasies... And I did also include many of my own pictures, that prove that my adventures actually are true!

The petite little horse girl, Mia

Mia might be the youngest girl I ever had sex with, but I am not sure and this happen for more than 25 years ago, just after the years with my first slavegirl...

She was ringing on my door, one spring day and wonder if she may come inside, please... Well inside, did she look around and sat down in my sofa, with a big smile... She said then that I had a very nice flat and that a girlfriend, told her that I like horny young girls... And I did answer something like "that's right, but you look little too young" and sat down, beside her... She was only about 150cm tall, very slim and did look as about 12 years old, dressed in riding clothes and still smelling from horses...
She promised me that she really was 15 years old and "free to fuck" with big bambi eyes... And that is the legal age for sex in Sweden... She said also that she look much younger, because of her gymnastic training and stood suddenly up, with a delicious giggle and began to strip!

She simply took off all clothes, beginning with her tight beige riding trousers and I notice that she didn't have any tiny white panties... Then did she let her blouse fall, beside her and turned slowly around, between my knees and I had finally her cute naked butt, right in front of my eyes... She did look absolutely delicious, with rather big hard nipples and long slim legs up to a ball round ass... But she had no tits and no pubic hair, above her virgin cunt slit... But she pointed out that she got special wrinkles, between her legs and ass, that only gymnastic girls get when they do many split's and then did she slowly do a real split, on my sofa table...
So I had to adjust my stone hard cock and tell her that she look absolutely delicious!!

That made her very happy and she jumped up, sat down in my knee and explained that she "only" wanted to become a very good cock sucker, be licked and then could I always fuck her anal... But she didn't want to loose her virginity... And then did she open my trousers, pulled out my big hard cock and sat down over my cock, so my cock head began to slid inside her oily asshole... It felt so great, that I almost came, when my cock was completely inside Mia and I had to tell her to sit still, with my big cock throbbing deep inside her cute ass... I understood that she done that many times before, but it was anyhow an amazing experience and my hands tremble, when I reached around her and began to play with her nipples... That made her giggle of joy and she asked sweet if she could ride little on my cock, now?!
She did even shiver of lust, when she continue to ride on my cock and groan, everytime my cock slid deep inside her... I did also find her clit and that was a new sensation for her, giving her a breathtaking orgasm, sitting down on my pulsating cock and I came too, spurting deep inside her ass... Then was it time for next surprise, when she jumped up and began to lick my messy cock clean, with my sperm flowing down the inside of her legs and she licked up that too, with help of her fingers... Yes, Mia did really like sperm!
We did fuck one more time, that first day and I began to show her how to suck delicious, as foreplay... The second time was she sitting the other way around, so I could suck on her nipples and kiss her, with my big cock completely inside her cute ass... And she groaned of pure pleasure, when she continue to ride on my cock, until I must cum and she jumped off me, with glittering eyes, so I could cream her lovely face!!

She visit me then every Sunday under a long dreamy summer, after she been riding... I discover later that her disgusting riding teacher, use to fuck her anal every time and she wanted then to play with me, to "balance" his brutal fucking that made her very excited, but never satisfied... He didn't care of any foreplay, except vaseline and did never caress Mia in any nice way, except fondle her delicious ass, when he wanted to fuck her... But she didn't want to report him, because she loved any anal sex and he had also a huge cock, that made it tingle deeper in her tummy...
I discover also that she did always ride without panties and normally in very tight jeans, that had a big "knob" where the seams get together and the knob did massage her wet cunt, so she could get several orgasms, riding on "her" stallion... And she was sometimes slippering wet halfway down to her knees, when she came to me... But she still wanted to suck on my cock and get a real anal orgasm, with me ;-)
Yes, she became very soon one of the best cock suckers I ever met and I loved to lick her slippery slit, in the 69 position... But the best was to slid my big cock deep inside her ball round ass and fuck her anal, until I must spurt long slimy strings of sperm, over her lovely face and wide open mouth... She did then lick up my cream, as it was the most delicate candy and she made also the cutest groans, whenever I fucked her anally...
She was simply the perfect little teen slut and the only tragic parts, was that she moved with her parents to another country, some days after my birthday in the autumn... And that she tried very hard to seduce her stepfather, without saying anything, but he didn't understood her needs... Yes, her favourite phrase was "please daddy, fuck me anal and cream my face" when she came to me and she use to call me her very special daddy!

And sometime can the luck ring on your door...

The ebony painslut Noona, my second slavegirl

At the end of the summer 1982 did a young babe call me... She told me, with a very sexy broken voice, that she found my telephone number in a S/M magazine and was a slim black slut, with a ball round ass... That I could spank, whip, cane and then fuck anally - if I maybe want to do that?!
I did naturally answer, that I would love that.... And I was wanking my big hard cock, when she mumble that she need a really sadistic lover and wonder whispering, if she may visit me next day... I could only say "oh yes" and order her to dress very sexy... But I didn't guess that she actually was a painslut, who especially wanted extremely severe whippings and cruel breast torture, as normal foreplay... Before some brutal fisting, in her sopping wet cunt and a great anal fuck...
Noona was 16 and had an amazing body, that was both very curvy and slim... With long slim muscular legs, up to a cute ball round ass (picture at right) and then a very deep swayback, a cute round tummy and extra big round Boobs, that was so big and firm that they actually looked as fake Boobs... And she had also very big round ebony lips, a wide almost flat nose and deep brown eyes... She did love when people began to stare at her sexy face and she use then to lick her fat lips, to make them extra horny... But she never let me take any picture of her delicious face... She did almost look like a fantasy rubber doll, but she was also swimming three four hours every week, to stay in perfect shape... And she did especially love, when strangers fondle and squeeze her pouting ass, outdoors... So she did actually dress, to invite horny hands and was often naked, under a thin micro skirt!
She is the most extreme painslut I ever met - even if poopie, Sofie and Noami came close... She told me that she began to suck boys at shool and then got her first spanking by her daddy, when she was eleven... And she did secretly love the intense wild feeling, when her daddy made her ass glow... He did also check if she have been fucking and daddy's probing finger, made her dripping wet... She did soon begin to fuck inside wider and wider candles and bottles in her ass, after each spanking, hoping her daddy would see the possibility and fuck her there, which gave her amazing trembling orgasm's... But he did just continue to spank her cute butt and checking her slippery holes... So she began to suck men, who got horny on her fat open lips and when she confessed to daddy, did he at least began to whip her willing pouting ass... That develop to a long cruel whipping and caning session, every Sunday and when she became twelve, began daddy to force in four fingers in her tiny wet cunt and then suddenly fuck her anally... A year later, could he fuck in his big hand and fist her brutally... And he began even to torture Noona's growing breast, which made her extremely excited and dripping wet... But when she was 14 did he stop to fuck his wife and she did then trow him out, which made Noona very unhappy - until she finally found me... Yes, it was more than fascinating to play with her and especially to cane her ball round chocolate brown ass, so she got many high swollen dark mahogany red welts... Then did I also invent an ultra cruel chain whip, for her huge natural Boobs... And she did never beg me for mercy, not even when some swollen welts began to bleed and I quit the whipping, to fuck her anally... She did instead insist that I should tie her up, on her tummy and put something in her mouth, just as her daddy sometimes did, so she become totally helpless and I could whip her even harder... But she vanish mysteriously, when she went on a holiday to visit her very horny father in Tunisia!

* That was very short about this delicious ebony babe and I will write a lot more later...

Noona - The first meeting

* I will write this part later...

Noona - Hesitation and a cruel promise

* I will write this part later...

Noona - Breast torture

* I will write this part later...

Noona - Wild whippings

* I will write this part later...

Noona - Outdoor teasing

* I will write this part later...

Sofie got the most extreme ass whipping

Some sexy sluts have naturally visit me, only to be severely punished, as the young blond lady in the picture below... Sofie was a real painslut, but wanted to marry an ordinary man and visit me for a last session of extreme ass caning... She was 22 and this happen just after my year with Noona and before I met muschi below, who did look as a younger sister to Sofie...

Click on Sofie's ass, to see the Big picture!

I did tell her that I hated the colour purple and that I would punish her twice as brutal, if she dress in anything purple... Sofie came then almost naked, under a knee short fox fur... She had only black high heels, black nylon (as you can see on the pictures) and purple bikini panties (she bought just for the event) that hold a 8cm wide water bottle, inside her dripping wet cunt!!
That was the first time I saw anything that BIG inside a slim girl and I had to fuck her wide open cunt, with the huge bottle... The heavy bottle, did also fuck her automatically, when she moved and she told me she got a little orgasm, in the subway... So that was both a very sexy present and thrilling surprise!
She had also tiny tits, with huge expanded nipples that was about 20mm (almost one inch) long... They did look so extremely inviting, that I had to pull, twist and bite her extreme nipples, until she really groaned of pain and lust...
But she was especially a very "ass horny" babe and when she stripped completely, did I discover one of the roundest butts I ever seen, that felt incredible good to squeeze and caress... So I gave her huge nipples a last 4cm pull, that made Sofie cry and turned my admiration to her delicious ass, that simply was made for extreme whippings... I told her how much I could cane Noona, slowly fondling Sofie's naked butt and she whisper with a hoarse voice, that she wanted me to cane her horny ass, more than ever before... I answer that the huge bottle, her extreme nipples, the provoking purple bikini and especially her ultra sexy ball round ass, was extremely inspiring... And she moaned "ohh yes" when I promised to cane her sexy ass, until the swollen welts begin to bleed... She was so willing and hungry for pain, that I didn't even tie her up or secure her with cuffs... She simply had to welcome the cruel caning, just laying on her tummy in my bed with pouting ass...
I did first warm up her sexy ass, with my special short heavy leather strap and gave her willing nude bottom 36 explosive hard WHAPPS that made her butt dance in pain... She had to suck on my cock, after 24 WHAPPS and did only moan, when I gave her some extra hard strokes... Then did I fuck both her holes with really fat dildos, while the red glow on her bottom faded away and began at last to whip her delicious ass with a long slim cane... I gave her first 36 whistling WHACKKS that cut deep into her firm pouting ass and made high swollen welts, that felt so lovely to caress... I was also taking pictures in the beginning, until I ran out of film... Then did I cream her face and fucked in a 5cm wide dildo, in her ass... Sofie did only moan happy and began to play with her empty cunt, with her arms under her tummy... So I had to continue to cane her welted ass, with 36 more whistling WHAKKS that really made her cute ass dance, in jerking motions... I did also fist her sopping wet cunt brutally, fuck her asshole with the fat dildo and just caress the lovely red swollen welts, after every 12 cruel strokes...
Finally was her ass a mass of hot swollen welts, blue bruisers and a few bleeding ridges, so I thought it was enough... But she did never beg for mercy and got several shaking orgasms, both when I whipped her ass and when I fucked her asshole with the fat dildo... And I let her often suck on my stone hard cock, between extra hard WHAKKS so I could spurt two times over her slutty face...
She got everything she wanted and was deeply satisfied, but her red swollen bottom got so "stimulated" that she had to rest some hours in my sofa, sucking slowly on my cock, while I enjoyed two porn films.

A teeny slut, with a huge sloppy cunt!

One of my greatest adventures, was when I met a slutty German teenager with a huge gaping wet cunt, on a holiday in Canaria... I discover her dancing very sexy, in a discotheque... She was only sixteen, but looked even younger... She was rather short and slim, with cute tits, amazing nipples and a cute round ass... Just like a younger sister to Sofie, above... She danced almost naked and her big nipples pointed right out, under a thin yellow T-shirt... Then had she only a tight brown leather belt and very high heels, that made her legs very long... The T-shirt did also end, right under her inviting round ass and I had to dance closer, so I could touch her sexy bottom, by accident... Oh yes, she didn't move away, when the back of my hand slide softly over her pouting ass cheeks and I began to caress her willing butt in slow motion... Then did she move even closer to me, dancing against my hand, so I really could fondle her firm teenage butt!!
My fingers did slide deep into her warm ass crack and then she turned around in my arms, whispering "yes, deeper" and I continue amazed, to squeeze and grope the hot round ass... She danced very sexy in my hands, rubbing her hard nipples against my chest and moaning softly... She must felt my stone hard cock and I was in heaven for two long songs, with both hands caressing her delicious ass... I did even slide one hand under the T-shirt, at the end and felt her dripping wet cunt with the tip of my fingers... Then did she take my hand, led me a corner of the discotheque and we sat down.... She said that I had nice hands and giggle cute, when I began to play with one of her nipples... Then did she say her name was Monica, but she wanted me to call her "muschi" which mean cunt in German... And when I answer "ok muschi" twisting her nipple extra hard, did she beg me to fist her wet cunt!!
She was little drunk and moaned sweet in broken English, that she really loooved fist fucking and that her huge gaping cunt, was too big for normal fucking... But she also told me, that she was perfect to fuck anal and grabbed my hard cock, through my trousers... She almost cried "You must fuck your big hand, deep inside me, please" and open her naked legs wider, sliding down to the edge of the sofa.... And it was a rather dark corner, so I stop pinching her nipple and slid my hand from her knee... Ohh yes, she was slippery wet almost down to her knees and my big hand, did very easy slide deep inside her wide open cunt.... She was really huge, sloppy and sopping wet... She only moaned "harder" so I closed my fist, inside her giant sloppy cunt and began to fist her brutally... She groaned of raw pleasure and came shaking, after just a few great strokes... But she wanted more and I continue to fuck her "sloshy" wet cunt, with over sixty deep strokes, of big brutal fisting... And she came over and over again, squeezing my pumping fist!!
Finally did I pull out my oily hand, that was dripping cunt juice and continue to squeeze her erect nipples... She released then my hard cock, found a condom from nowhere and sat down in my knee, with my fat hard cock sliding up her butt... It was a great feeling to fuck her anal, especially in a crowded discotheque and muschi's delicious asshole did massage my cock, in a lovely way... I did also squeeze both her nipples and when I grunted that I was coming, did she jump off my cock, pulled off the condom and let me spurt in her mouth...
But she still wanted a lot more, so we left to my hotel and she fucked a huge 2 litre CocaCola bottle (with the bottom first) deep inside her giant cunt, before she began to suck on my cock, sitting on the huge bottle... And when I was close to spurt, did she beg me to fist her with both hands and that made me come all over her face!
I would naturally love to fist her with both hands, but she wanted me to get really horny again, so we took a little pause, even if she still sat on the huge bottle and licked my sperm, from her face... She told me that she was together with a dirty old man, when she was 12 and he began to fist fuck her... He had a small newspaper shop and gave her any magazine for free, if she let him finger her and she loved the great feeling of expansion, so she beg him soon to force in his hole hand... That took three weeks of daily meetings and finally did his big hand slide deep inside her tiny cunt... And a few days later, could he fist fuck her tight little cunt... She got then bigger and bigger dildos, who use to burst her cunt muscles, over and over again, so she couldn't squeeze around his big cock, when she was thirteen!!
But that was wonderful, because she did anyhow prefer to be fucked anal (since she was ten) and she really loved to have an extremely huge gaping cunt, who is completely useless for normal fucking!!
At the end of her story, was I hard again and she let the huge bottle slide out... So she could sit on my both hands, knotted together as one giant fist and she began to slide down, moaning and wiggling her hips, until my hands had disappear completely inside her sopping wet cunt... I was simply resting my under arms, on the bed and she began to ride on my giant fist, shaking of extreme lust... Her cunt juice was soon running down my arms and she got so excited, that she began to pee... Then did she ride little higher, so I could see my giant fist between her meaty cuntlips and hump down very hard, so it felt like half my under arms was inside her... Groaning and pulling her nipples, until she got a powerful orgasm and just fell back into the bed, totally satisfied... With her huge cunt, still twitching around my double first!!
Yes... She was extremely sexy and also perfect to fuck anal, so we spend the rest of my holiday together... She let me fist her wet hungry cunt, everywhere and she did then suck greedy on my cock, until I creamed her cute face... Even in restaurants and on the beach... And one day, when we went to the nude beach and just two young girls, was close to us... Did she sit down on one of my knees... Who is 10x15cm wide (4x6 inch) just as a big baby head and much bigger than a double fist... And began to hump down, until my giant knee slid deep inside her tight wet cunt... The two girls stared then at us, probably not believing their eyes... And she began slowly to fuck my leg, shaking of lust... She did also pull and twist her nipples, groaning loud and it looked incredible extreme, with my giant knee, fucking her huge wet warm teenage cunt... The two girls continue to look with big eyes and when muschi came in a violent orgasm, did she just sit down extra heavy, twisting and shaking around my knee!!
Okay, she did often fuck with giant bottles, who also filled her completely, but this was the only time she really felt tight and that was actually one of my best fuck, even if I only spurted in the air... After that, was her gaping cunt so incredibly big, that I could fist her without any resistant and that made me hard again, so I could fuck her anally... From behind, looking at the two young nude girls and caressing muschis round ass, until I could cream her face ;-)
But it was only a fantastic holiday adventure, because she lived still with her parents and had also a lesbian girlfriend... Then did she never let me take any really sexy pictures, because her parents was very religious and she didn't want to take any risk!

Tessa - My third and very anal slavegirl

She was a delicious teenager, who especially loved BIG anal sex, very sexy clothes and outdoor sex... Tessa was only 14 when I met her (summer 1986) and became almost 17 when she suddenly died in a car accident (winter 1988) and I felt incredible unlucky...
She did look very much like Nicole (see pictures at the end) except that she had dark brown hair, big brown eyes and tiny cuntlips... I did only take lovely photos of her, in sweet and romantic clothes, the first months... And sometimes caress her sexy round ass, by accident... But one day did she come without panties and a very FAT anal plug, under her tight jeans... She gave me a naughty smile, when I had to touch her inviting butt and said she had "something special" to show me, before she closed my bedroom door... She came back in a butt short skirt, sat down in my sofa and said with glittering eyes, that I could take pictures of her panties... So I placed my camera close to her knees and when she open her legs wide, could I both see her shiny wet cunt and the huge ultra sexy surprise... She was completely shaved, with cute wet cuntlips and was also very oily down to a BIG black anal plug... I could only say "WOW" and she told me, with a sexy broken voice, that she got the plug from her perverse Asian girlfriend and then did she very slowly pull out the huge plug, to the really FAT part... Yes, it was a 6cm wide plug and with the sexy plug on the widest part, did she continue to tell me how she used to expand her ass, with bigger and wider dildos, since she was twelve...
I got incredible horny and too shaky to take any pictures, even with the camera on a tripod, so I just sat down between her knees and squeezed my stone hard cock... She got her first dildo from an old neighbour, when she let him caress her round butt and even promise to have it inside next time she visit him... The dildo was almost 4cm wide, so it was not easy to fuck it inside and she had to grease the top a lot... Then did she discover that it felt better to fuck in the cock head in her ass and when she got used to the dildo, after several weeks of nightly pleasures, did she miss the expansion... She did also love to finger her wet cunt and nibble the clit, with a really fat dildo inside her ass... The old man got then very excited, when she came back with the dildo deep inside her ass and came in his trousers, when she asked for a bigger dildo... She got then bigger and bigger dildos, until she easy could fuck in a 7.5cm wide dildo and her biggest dildo, was 8cm wide... Tessa's voice got also more groany and she began to squeeze her breast, when she told me that she expanded her asshole every night, until it finally stayed little open and she always must have a really FAT anal plug, to not poop herself... Yes, even in school and she got this black plug on her last birthday, as a present from her best friend... So she had actually a huge anal plug in her ass, when I first met her and took the innocent pictures!
Then did she ask me moaning of lust, to slowly pull out the FAT clack plug, just over the widest part and fuck it back inside, over and over again... And the incredible sexy view, when the huge plug fucked her, made me so horny that I simply had to pull out the plug and fuck her anal... And she became then my very anal slavegirl, for almost three years.

She told me later, that it actually took several years, to expand her young tight ass so much and she was always very careful, so her asshole mainly got very flexible and she was always delicious to fuck anal, directly after she pulled out her FAT sexy plug... And the anal section in my sex school, is based on her deep experience... So you can click here to learn everything about great anal sex!
Then was it always wonderful to play with her FAT sexy plug, especially when we was outdoor and see her pull out the huge plug, grease it and fuck it back, with a shivering groan of pure lust... When she did that on a rather public place, did I often get so horny that I have to fuck her and then cream her lovely face... And I did almost only fuck her anally, when she hold the huge plug and finger her empty wet cunt...
We did also play many times with her cute Thai friend poopie, who you can read more about below... The best was to fuck Tessa anally, when they was kissing each other wet cunts and too see them fist each other, in both holes... They did even change plug one time, just before we went to a movie and it did look amazing, when Tessa slowly fucked in poopie's 8cm wide anal plug... And she did then walk little strange, with the giant plug in her ass... But Tessa's 6cm plug did only slide out from poopie's sloppy asshole, so she had to use very tight bikini panties, that hold the plug at the widest part... Then did poopie fuck herself with Tessa's plug, under the whole film and Tessa did suck two times on my cock, enjoying poopie's huge plug and my cream!
The only sad part, except the horrible ending and the many happy years we lost, was that she was very secretive and did only let me take one photo, with an anal dildo and that is the one above... Then did I also take some sneaky pictures of her with the FAT anal plug (without asking) but they got too blurry and I guess you understand why... But I have naturally many other private pictures of her!

The ultra perverse Asian babe, poopie

Then did I play every week for 2 years, with the ultra perverse Asian girl who was Tessa's best friend and she did sometimes stay a few days... She was a very petite Thai babe, about 150cm short and poopie looked as 12 but was 16 when she came to "comfort me" after Tessa's awful accident... We did also play together with Tessa, many times before... So I guess that Tessa would like our strange relation and poopie continue to visit me every week, until she got 18 and could move 1990 to her sadistic mistress...
And she is the most extreme babe I ever met, even if the wild Latina Naomi (you find below) came rather close... Her cruel lesbian mistress did first stretch poopie's holes to max, to make her totally useless for any fucking by men... She let poopie first sit on huge bottles, that burst her cunt muscles and fisted the little girl, with both hands combined to a giant fist, everytime they met - until poopie got two huge open sloppy holes... Poopies gaping ass hole, got so loose that I easy could fist her anally without any grease and she must always have a special made 8cm wide anal plug, to not poop herself... The giant black plug was even 6cm wide on the "slim" part, under the hat (that stop a plug from disappear inside) and it had also a 4cm wide empty hole in the middle, to not become too heavy and simply slide out, when she walk... But she could naturally play with four fingers, deep inside her sloppy cunt and that simple secret trick, made her gaping asshole just delicious to fuck *big smile*
Otherwise could she "only" suck on my cock, but that is anyhow the best feeling I know and she did often force my big cock, deep down in her throat and that felt sooo good... She had also a perfect mouth for cock sucking, with very generous lips and a cute Thai face to cream...
Then did she especially LOVE to stretch her meaty inner cuntlips, with special made weights and had always two kilo hanging in six permanent rings, plus at least one kilo more at home... The six black lead filled weights, was 3x3x4cm big with rounded edges and directly connected with her rings, so they did "only" hang down about 12 centimetres, including her stretched cuntlips... Yes, she walked always little silly in her sky high heels and most of the black weights, did hang clearly visible under her short skirts... So everyone who sat down or was behind her in stairs, could naturally see a lot more and there was also a special "clattering" sound when she moved... Two kilo of weights, made her shiny meaty cuntlips over six centimetres long and even longer, after she danced for me... The shiny lips did actually look as two half beef steaks and was about twice as big, compared with Nicole's magnificent lips, that you can view below... And she was extra proud, when she came to me with three kilo or more, swinging slowly between her legs... She did first walk, then take a bus, change to the subway and finally walk again, to come to me... And when she had more than three kilo, could she be moaning of lust and get a trembling little orgasm, just inside my door... Her giant cuntlips was then incredible eight centimetres long, after the extreme stretching!!
But the most sexy, was to view poopie on the beach... She did normally use shiny black bicycle shorts, when she visit a public beach, to hide all the weights (in the short legs) and her giant black anal plug, to not scare any kids parents... But she was always topless, so anyone could see her perverse expanded nipples... They was incredible 26mm long (just over one inch) and almost twice as long, as they was wide... Always erect and decorated with strong "U" links, through the base... She was very proud over them and did very often pull and twist her obscene nipples, very hard... But they was also slightly droopy, type "little bent down" after too much training with heavy weights... And when there was no kids close on the beach, did she normally change to a tiny pink string thong... Yes, she did first take off the shorts and got completely nude, before she slowly changed to the tiny thong, that naturally slid in completely between her meaty cuntlips and didn't hide the giant black plug... She did then open her legs very generously, when she lay down again, so everyone could see the strong rings and black weights, hanging from her shiny beefy cuntlips... And she naturally let me oil in her petite body and round ass with sun cream... That was a delicious duty and I did especially love to caress her round pouting ass, around the giant anal plug... She did also play with her perverse nipples, without thinking about it, when she lay on her back and I had to look out for any photographers, because she hated when anyone took pictures of her... But if she only had horny admirers around her, did she finally lay on her tummy and pull out her giant black plug, on the widest part... So the 8cm wide plug expand her asshole to max and protruded obscenely from her ass crack... And that extremely slutty exposure could sometimes make her come, moaning soft and wiggling her cute ass in a shivering orgasm!
When we was outdoors, did she normally get several admirers that follow her slightest movements and a few tried even to talk with her, but she just told men to go away... Sometimes was it a curious girl or a dominant female and then did she answer any question, in a very sexy way and if they asked anything about the plug, did she even pull out and show them her giant anal plug... Then did she also pull out her giant plug almost anywhere and grease it carefully, before she sat on the top and slide down, groaning of anal pleasure... People just use to freeze (maybe in chock) and didn't say anything, when she grease her plug... And if the plug was messy with poop, did she first wipe it off with her hand and then slowly lick the hand clean, when the plug was back in her ass... Sometimes did it naturally come more poop, from her gaping empty asshole and she did then put the poop directly in her mouth, if she was indoors, or just let it drop on the ground and then wipe herself with a hand... She did then chew and eat her poop, as perverse chocolate... Almost as my first slavegirl, but poopie did anyhow prefer to poop in toilets...
Then did poopie always dress ultra sexy and usually as a teenage slut, with short skirts and cute tops, that made her giant nipples stand out and look even bigger... They did actually point almost straight out, was only slightly droopy and always hard, like rubber... She did especially love when people stared at her extremely longs nipples and got so horny, that she said "you can play with them" to anyone who didn't stop staring... She had also three favourite dresses... A tight yellow wrinkle dress, that first show the ends of her weights and then slowly slide up, showing more and more... And when she pull down the dress, did her perverse nipples normally pop out, so she had to adjust the deep cleavage and at the same time, really make people stare at her giant nipples... Then did she often use another tight and shiny black dress, that was fairly transparent... Just enough so anyone could see the glittering links in her obscene nipples and the six wet cunt rings, without giving her any problems with guards... And if you looked carefully, could you also discover the weights, her meaty expanded cuntlips and giant anal plug... And the third favourite, that she very often had at parties and at holiday discos, was a very elegant dress of dark brown lace and this dress was very transparent, between the exotic flower pattern... You could even see every detail in her meaty wet expanded cuntlips, so everyone could clearly see everything... She came to me several times, in that revealing dress and I did later buy exactly the same dress, for photo models...
She did look so extremely sexy, that I was not surprised when she told me (proudly) that men always use to follow her, when she was alone and every week, did some of them try to rape her... But most gave up, when she showed them her giant plug and explained that it was impossible to fuck her, with a big teasing smile... But some brutal beasts, got only inspired and began to beat her, fist her huge sloppy cunt and force her to suck cock, just as she wanted... She got actually "raped" several times, on her way to me and then did she always want me to continue directly, with extra cruel whipping and torture... And if I was ready, did she first want me to piss and poop in her greedy mouth, as an perverse foreplay... Once was she even "raped" by a gang of young skin heads, that kicked deep into her sloppy wet cunt and then forced her to suck everyone, totally creaming her cute face... She was still licking sperm from her face and her ripped top did show one nude breast, when I open the door and she told me excited was happen, pulling and twisting her perverse nipples... Before she begged me sweet, to fill her mouth and give her some extra cruel punishment, that really make her cry!
Yes... She was a real painslut, in many ways and got extra excited, whenever I told her to get in position... Saying "Oh yes, Sir" or "thank you, Sir" with big glittering eyes... And I must always take the opportunity to cane her cute round ass, when we met... Sometimes did I first place her over my legs, caressed her pouting naked ass (or played a bit with her giant plug) and began with a short hard spanking, that really made her firm round butt wobble... She moved then to a very inviting position, with her ass high in the air and I began to cane her tight ass, with a thin cane and she got normally 36 whistling hard strokes, that blossom up to high swollen welts... She did also wriggle and moan very sexy, making my cock even harder... But I could never make her gasp or jerk of pain, only groan of extreme lust... Then did I place her on all four between my knees and continue to whip her lovely red swollen ass, with my special leather strap, while she sucked greedy on my cock... Sometimes did she stop sucking, with a naughty smile and just hold my throbbing cock, while I whipped her ass as hard as possible, letting the lash explode on her sopping wet cunt... And after I spurt my cream all over her cute Thai face, did she often tease me and beg sexy, until I began to whip her tiny breast and torture them, with a lot of cloth needles and cruel clamps... Sometimes did I even whip her poor tits, with the ultra cruel chain whip I made for Noona and poopie didn't ask for mercy, before some of the swollen welts became bruises and began to bleed... I did also love to pull and twist her giant nipples, as hard as possible and finally make her groan of pain, especially when we was outdoors... Then did she often use strong clamps (at home) on her nipples and a very short latex strap around her neck, that did stretch them about 4cm right up and slowly made them less droopy... Otherwise was she very happy with her obcene 26mm long nipples, so she didn't expand them any more... But before they got that long, did she always expand her nipples with strong suction cups, at home and her mistress did even torture her nipples with special painful needles, that actually gave them wounds and then made them bigger, when they healed and got new scars, expanded to max in suction cups... Before that did she always have two very heavy weight, hanging from cruel clamps in her nipples, when she was awake... The weights was round, about 8cm wide and only 3cm thick, so they was easy to hide under her clothes and the clamps had thorny grooves, to not slip off... They weighted two kilo together, stretching her nipples to about 5cm and she had them for almost two years... She told me dreamy that it made her dripping wet, to have the huge weights dangling in her poor nipples and the tearing pain from the biting clamps, did often give her a thrilling orgasm (!) that she miss... She must also open the clamps, every hour and close it in another position, because the grooves did otherwise tear into the (very tough) nipples... After she told me that, did I bite and chew on her giant rubbery nipples, so extremely hard that she got another thrilling orgasm and aftyer that, did she beg me to torture them in some ultra cruel way, almost everytime we met...
Once did we even walk down to the park below my flat and she hold then her nipples on the edge of a wooden park bench, so I could smash them flat with a big hammer... She was crying as a baby, after the second blow and came in explosive orgasm, after the fifth blow, shaking and groaning in terrific pain... Then was poopie's extremely tough nipples, almost twice as big and she began to caress them, amazed over the effect... But they was almost "normal" again, after a few hours... And that was the cruel secrets, behind her giant hard nipples!
Finally did she also LOVE to play toilet and used to ask "Do you have some candy for me?!?" with big glittering eyes, as soon as she came inside... So I saved always for her visit and it was a wild amazing feeling to both piss and poop, right down in her wideopen mouth... When my shit was hard, did she first chew and munch on every sausage, with extreme delight and when my poop was loose, did she simply gulp everything down, as perverse chocolate cream... Then came sometimes a long soft sausage, that she let slide directly down her throat... And she did always swallow everything, even huge shiny salamis of shit, with sexy groans and gulping sounds, while she was pulling hard in her long nipples or fucking herself anally, with her giant anal plug!
Yes, poopie was extremely fascinating and I would love to have her as my slavegirl, even if it was impossible to fuck her huge loose cunt... She did anyhow suck delicious on my cock, was just delicious to fuck anally (when she did play with four fingers deep inside her cunt) and had many many other exciting qualities... As the clattering sound, when she sat down on something hard and when she got a trembling orgasm, dancing in front of me with 4 kilo weights, swinging between her legs... And just to fill her wideopen mouth with stinking loose poop and then see her swallow everything, getting another shivering orgasm... But she did finally move to her mistress, sadly enough and did never let me take any pictures!

And I do seek a new slavegirl, right now... As you can see in the beginning!

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