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The grade of functionality is now 157%
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0401 Did change to the friendly Georgia font, at the front page and made the intro text more logical, so Welcome to the club!

Following was 2010 news...
1010 Until we have 33.000 members, can you both view and answer up to 6 big Ads, every new day... Then will it be 3 free views and you can always become a Gold member (at a very low cost) if you want even more.
0620 You can finally save photos again or update old ones... Something got completely crazy, when they updated the database and PHP program, but now is everything fine!

Following was 2009 news...
1122 We need money for advertising, so we really can grow and four free views was too generous... But a free member can still view and answer 3 big Ads, every new day and we will always stay completely free!
0126 Monica's Reviews - wrote a deep and very positive review about EE passion and it nice to see an expert LOVE us ;-)

Following was 2008 news...
1201 A free member can now view and answer 4 big Ads, every new day.. Or 2 big Ads, if you don't have an active Ad...
Then can you naturally become a Gold member and view any number of big Ads, search on 245 sexgames and really sponsor us... And our different Gold memberships costs less than half, of other fine sites...
1104 We made our front page clearly wider and put "gold edges" on every main page inside, including this page...
1102 We have got over 14000 members since we open, without any real advertising!
1023 Our very nice programmer, did just make a direct LINK for the first time log in system... So it got much more easy to use!
0915 The webmaster Admin page, was next step... So we easy can delete any crazy perverts, that break our very generous rules and handle some other stuff, type hide your Ad and warn you if your email work bad...
0702 You will automatically get a friendly email, to remind you - if you don't visit us for many months... So we not have to hide your Ad (after 2 long years, without any visit) or even delete a very sleepy signature... 156%
0623 We have now an extra link on the front page, for members that forget their password or signature and since last month will we also help you automatically, if you write wrong password... Version 155%
0606 Future Gold Members, will now be able to seek on any of the 245 sexgames and the miniAds will also be presented / sorted under grade 5 to 2 so you can see exactly how mush they LOVE your favourite games... But anyone can also seek on the sex styles: Soft, ordinary, advanced and extreme!
0606 We added just 3 more vital "fetish" games... So you can now grade "Cute tits, big natural breast and a round pouting ass" and we have 245 games to choose from ;-)
0606 We did finally change the text limit, for miniAds without a photo, to max 100 letters and you can also show 12 of your highest grade games, in any miniAd ;-)
0601 The smart "wrote" and "wrote old" function, show now if you wrote before and also if the Ad changed (got old) since you wrote... Both at the end of the miniAds and inside the big Ads... Version 149%
0530 We show finally your grades and selections on the sexgames page, when you update your Ad... So it's now very easy to adjust everything, in your Ads... 146%
0527 We will now help you automatically, if you write wrong password... 140%
0524 Now can you even choose to get emails, with any new or updated Ad, that fit your last search (as an advanced match making site) even if you are offline!!
0523 You will now see your last search selections, when you do a new search... The system remember your favourites, without any cookies and you only have to adjust some details, when you do another search!
0518 We show now every following page in the overview, with older miniAds...
0512 We finally found a very clever Russian programmer, who will make the future 9 vital functions work excellent...

Following was 2007 news...
0505 We got now 10000 active members, even if we can't advertise... But we NEED your help to grow... Click to see how!

Following was 2006 news...
0820 You can now click the text, for most links and I made also the paper background clearly lighter - but it give still a rather soft contrast, that is easy on your eyes... 115%
0620 We have finally include more states, on the first search page... Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Reunion, Greenland, Jersey, Isle of Man, Andorra, Guernsey, Faroe Island, San Marino and "other Pacific islands"

Following was 2005 news...
0126 It is now possible to change your email address, in settings... Version 114%
0118 We have now 3750 active members and 3300 of them are males... So if You only help one female every month, to write one Ad (as a nice present) will EE passion virtually explode with female Ads!!

Following was 2004 news...
0601 Did just move up USA on the first selection page (plus in update) and arrange continents, in "map" oriented groups...
0501 You can easy arrange EE passion picnics... Click here for the picnic page!
0321 Made links to a page with example pictures, to help you grade sexgames!
0201 Did just change the "log in" boxes, on the front page... The new arrangement is very strange, but anyhow ergonomic and with a delicate balance, that look twice as fine!
0120 We have now included the unique "seen old" function (in the overview) that show if a Big Ad you seen, have changed in some way since that...
0114 We got links from MANY big and famous link sites, since we open... But we like more girls and I suspect our members want a lot more... So I put this statement, on top of the main search page...
Hello Men! We have now 750 active male members... So if YOU only invite one babe and help her to write one Ad, then will this become extremely interesting!!
0113 The GREAT extra page with free presents and delicious gifts, are complete... You find the link on the "Overview" page!
0112 We hide now the initial "You should write your basic AD" page, if you wrote it!
0106 We show now the mini Ads in the overview, sorted with the last visit (the most active members) first... Version 106%
0105 We open a GREAT extra page with free presents and delicious gifts... It's mainly an interactive guide to the best parts of our magazine and some other fine stuff...
0104 Did change so both your own and others Big Ad's open in a new window, to avoid any confusion... I wrote also a nice honest invitation text, especially for young ladies, first on our front page!

Following was 2003 news...
1222 We have now included the unique "seen" function (in the overview) that show if you seen a Big Ad anytime before...
1209 Our nice "Questions and Answers" page, got bigger... Click here to view it!
1208 Members with no big Ad, can now read "Click here * and write your basic free AD so your dream can find you!" when they log in, so they hopefully write one!
1118 The main part of EE passion,
is finally Complete...
So we can now
contact every big link site, in the world
and invite millions of free members!!
1117 We made a nice "Questions and Answers" page... Click here to view it!
1112 You can now register max two signatures and we show a golden "flash" in your Big Ad, if you don't have a picture...
1105 We display now the games you grade, with the softest first (in every grade section) and then the more advanced...
1030 You can finally open the real Big Ads, in the overview and answer everyone!
1022 You can now see the real elegant overview, with every detail... Version 98%
1016 The advanced main search page work now perfect, except for a few strange combinations, so you can select and search anything you like... Version 94%
1006 You can now go back to your personal text and adjust it, if you wrote too short or too long and get the error info... Your new text was deleted, before!
0918 You can now clear (or hide) any grade, if you don't want to show a game, when you create your Ad... Vers 79%
0825 We changed the special "look as" question (when you write your ad) so it got crystal clear and very easy to answer...
0805 We put a nice.. Select another country? ..on main search page, vers 76%
0802 You can now select any country, state and continent (in any combination) and then see how many girls men and so on, who have active Ads, on the main search page... But the rest of that page don't work yet!
0704 A very strange data base problem, did lock many things and is finally fixed...
0518 You can also select "midsize" body
0414 The very easy "first time log in" or register procedure, can now handle 201 possible human errors... Version 73%
0324 We have made arrangement with a nice credit card company.... So you can become a Gold Member as soon as we open completely, with help of VISA, Master Card, American Express or Diners... But you can always answer four Big Ads every day, completely free!! Version 72%
0128 The web wizard have started with the second search page, so you can now select "anywhere" (on the first search page) and then see how many Ads... We did also include 9 more sexgames, so there are now 242 games... And the first time log in, have now a "write a new personal password page" for greater safety... Version 70%

Following was 2002 news...
1212 We have already 467 members, but 41 wrote the email address little wrong (!) and can't log in... So we did create a new extra helpful "first time log in" system, where you still can see and adjust your email address, if it get wrong... Vers 68%
1126 We have just tested the creation of big Ads and everything look perfect, after many adjustments... Version 66%
1026 You can now dive into the giant "complete list of advantages" from the middle and down, on EE passion's front page...
0928 Creation of the update pages... The last page, where you write in your big and mini personal text, is finished... Vers 63%
0912 Creation of the update pages... Upload a photo, is now perfect, including optimising and link to a page with more photos... Version 49%
0905 Creation of the update pages... Grade 9 to 233 sexgames and select type of sexgames, work excellent... Vers 55%
0715 Creation of the update pages... Select the closest big city, is implemented, including the warning message and from where you want answers... Vers 45%
0712 I did invent a unique solution, that make the smart grading system possible, with the easy "o o o X o o o" selector, for the sexgames update page...
0703 Creation of the update pages... Select your country, is finished, including every country in the world and the warning message... Version 42%
0615 Creation of the update pages... Select the basic info, for your Big Ad, is finally active, including the warning message!
0423 Update your settings, is created and active... Including the possibility to change everything, hide your Ad or email and even create a second signature... Vers 32%
0415 Our programmer did say that everything was 99% finished and could be open within a few days (!!) but that was at best VERY over optimistic...
0401 We had some major problem with the database connection, for weeks...
0318 The web name (www.eepassion.com) is finally active, on an ultra fast server in Florida... Version 22%
0210 Our programmer got very sick...
0203 The log in functions is completed, including the password mail and warning messages... Version 20%
Discover EE passion and search your dream
0128 You can now see the first banner for EE passion, on the front page of EE plaza and five more on the copyright page...
0109 Our giant project EE passion - The unique free contact club (demo) did just got a separate site name... www.eepassion.com

Following was 2001 news...
1118 We did find an excellent and very smart Swedish program wizard...
0726 More examples, of the future EE passion... Made finally FIVE more pages, that show you how sexy the Big Ad's will look...
Click here and select the first mini Ad's, to see the BIG demo Ad's...
0712 Made the most vital example page, the one with the overview (that show the Ad's you select, as mini Ad's) so you can see how fine EE contact service, may work... Click here and "log in" to look around...
0711 Made six example pages, so you can see how the future EE contact service, may work... That was EE passion, version 10%

And future functions, to version 333%
First will we improve the photo saving system, so it get clearly better...
And show "GOLD" member status, in your miniAds - if you sponsor our site ;-)
Preview of any photos you load, so you can see how it look and change directly!
Then will we make it possible to change your signature, in settings... Version 161%
And create a big smart sexy forum, with 25 theme pages... Where anyone can view, but only members can write... * Romantic experiences * Love stuff * Ultra sexy daily clothes * Outdoor Sex Adventures * Petite babes & legal teens * Cum greedy sluts * Ultra sexy wet Bimbos * Extra Big Fake Boobs * Big meaty cunt lips * Very Anal Babes * Fetish clothes & bondage * Spanking * Bi stuff * Gay stuff * Lesbian stuff * Fisting and FAT toys * Willing Slave Girls * Slave Boys * Swingers & Gang Bang * Pain sluts * Pee Loving Girls * Girls who play with Poop * Help EE passion * Extreme Erotica films * EE plaza Magazine... And most theme pages will also have 3 sub sections - Info (verified by EE passion) Questions and Experiences... Version 182%
Plus a finer "Grade your picture" site, than you ever seen before... Where anyone can view, but only members can post... 190%
And make two special update pages, for couple and groups... But you can naturally use the general update page, before that!
Gold members, will then be able to show up to 5 photos, as 4 thumbs and one big picture, in the big Ad... Version 199%
We will then include a very easy quick jump between TWO signatures... 202%
The "update your Ad" pages, will begin with smart shortcuts to the 5 main pages, when you update... So you can jump directly to the part you want to change and then view your adjusted Ad, without the need to go through the following pages... Version 203%
A helpful link to your own Ad, in settings!
Then begin the huge code work, on the magnificent Second Step... See more below!
We will then activate the nice ONLINE function, including the possibility to search on Online members... Version 207% But you can anyhow find most of them (even before online is active) with the "last visit" function!
You can then save 33 of your favourite mini Ads, on a special page... Or 99 miniAds for Gold members... Version 213%
You will then be able too seek on city level, in most big countries... Version 217% But you can always see the closest big city (from the opening day) in the mini Ads!
Activate the search on signatures OR any word in the signatures, at the country select page... You can also select which gender (sex) if you like and the results will be shown as the normal overview... Version 220%
You will also be able to get the miniAds text to your email, from any Big Ad...
You can then select between 10 extra fine frame patterns, around your big Ad ;-)
And we have very good safety, but we will finally try to make it even better!

Sometimes after the green ball above, come the HUGE and magnificent Second Step (with 111% functionality) that make every big Ad more than complete, if you select something in every section... In this part, will you simply "write what you select" and the system will help you to create a very interesting deep Ad, with everything your dream may look for... Version 333%
This function will be included sooner, if we not get any problems OR if some of the other functions, are extra complicated!
And you can naturally click here to
see a fine (little wild) example of a Big Ad
with the magnificent Second Step!

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