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This is the finest and most complete Best Buy guide, anywhere... We select the extra fine products, that gives you the best value - in almost every category... And we include often some vital advice, any fine alternatives and explain why our recommendation is the best choice!
Then have we a very advanced HiFi school, that easy explain everything you may need to know, to get a more natural sound...
A word to the Companies - It is a great honor, to be mention on this page... That will normally mean, that your product give a higher value, than hundreds of your competitors and that's great promotion... But you are also very welcome to send finer pictures, of the models we write about and information, about stuff we should write about!

The sections.. Audio Video Digital cameras
GSM telephones Computer, div and Programs
Cars Boats Wrist watches Excellent Film's
The advanced HIFI school, that explains everything...
And in the "Great Technology" section...
The finest motor boats, for great weekends at sea...
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