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The music from Extreme Erotica

You can now enjoy the delicate 4:37 version, of the 22 minutes theme "A taste of paradise"
That mainly is like a sexy mix - of the dreamy sound style by Enigma and the groovy beat
in "Erotica" by Madonna...But you should listen with fine speakers or headphones!

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We seek a generous worldwide music publishing company, for the the perfect master
of the over 60 minute CD below and you can contact me at - rcroye@gmail.com - today!

This CD cover demo, look as the right size on some notebook screens... But some of the
graphic are ONLY resized, so it will look clearly better (not distorted) after optimizing!

Extreme Erotica films logo

"Dreams, for everyone who miss
the delicious sound of Enigma"


A taste of paradise


This CD do not
include any rude
words or nude


Or maybe with my Silver and Gold dolphins under the front title...

This music is originally produced for Extreme
Erotica films, who celebrate the beauty of life

1 Welcome to the magic 1:34 The new intro for EE films
2 A vision of paradise 21:23 The first theme of Extreme Erotica films
Enjoy the rhythm, dream delicious dreams and dance away...
3 Celebration of beauty 2:19 A melody poem to lovely Nicole
4 A taste of paradise 21:58 The main theme of Extreme Erotica film
With 6 melodies and you may fade out, at 4:27 or 6:40
5 The warning 1:00 A short version of the grand new intro
6 Let's Play 3:15 Little cuddle and kisses (by J & KD)
7 A great new world 2:25 The first intro for EE films
8 Welcome to the magic, part two 2:20 An echo of the new intro
9 A taste of paradise 4:37 Radio version of the main theme
Total playing time 60:51 All music and graphic made in Sweden
Copyright since 1998 by Richard Croye with all rights reserved

Welcome to the magic world of Extreme Erotica

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