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The history of EE plaza lifestyle magazine

This is not the ordinary flashy web magazine... We only publish articles, about stuff we really like... And we truly want to inspire and enlighten you, with deeper and more interesting articles, even if some of them may be short... We save also everything, for future visits... And keep the site fast, easy to navigate and possible to use, with almost any computer...
Some parts of this site, was first bonus articles in our original site, that show the delicious Extreme Erotica films... We did open the EE film site 14 January 1998 with the same main graphic design, as EE plaza magazine... The idea behind our layout and design, was to (1) give both a cozy and elegant feeling of an exclusive paper magazine (2) with very easy navigation (3) that everyone can use, even with a pocket computer...
One funny thing - that I discover one months later - is that the White House site, had almost exactly the same front page design... With the same location of both the headline, picture, text and links... Plus a very similar "sand" background, flags beside the picture and the same type of link buttons, even if they used bigger ones... So I did anyhow change the original made "sand" background, to my original made "old pergament paper" background, that we still use!
Yes, the company that produce the Extreme Erotica films, is the company behind EE plaza and the magazine was first meant to be a nice big bonus... Even if we also hope that EE plaza will make people curious, on our excellent films and inspire you to buy some of them!
But our sincere intentions and ambitions, was great from the opening day 27 January 2000 and we have even a moral page... You may click here for our honest statement, about Moral and Excellence... EE plaza are especially made "to celebrate the beauty in life" and we really mean the high flying words, on the front page... We want to inspire and enlighten you, with fine deep articles about the most interesting in life and truly celebrate the beauty, with delicious pictures and our unique movies...
And several sections (as the great Best Buy guide, the unique EE passion contact club, most of the articles and the links) are especially dedicated, to help you make the best of life and really give you a higher life quality!
But we are not a pure news magazine and we don't publish things regularly, mainly because we like to use the web medium in the best possible way... We write only about the most interesting stuff, save everything for future reference and develop many of the "old" articles, so they get better and better... And we update often the Best Buy section, with new better tech and deeper advice, so we always give the most accurate recommendations!
We have also a separate news page, so you easy can find the most important updates... You may click to see what's new...

The next step was to open EE passion - The finest contact club, in the world and completely free... With the most advanced search functions, many unique qualities and over 69 great advantages, that also are very EASY to use... Click here to explore EE passion!
And we naturally like links, even if we can't link back to every site that link us.... So you should definitely link us, if you have a site and want to make your visitors extra happy!

And 20 February 2005 did we register www.vantechmag.com for Vantage Technology Magazine, that been the exclusive Art & Technology side of EE plaza lifestyle Magazine... The word "vantage" mean shortly that you got a "superior position or view" and is related with "advantage" which is a quality, we especially want to give our readers!
And if you visit Vantage Technology Magazine, from EE plaza's menu - will the section you selected, open in a new window... So you will still have EE plaza, in the old window and you can easy return, to the candy... Because Vantage Technology Magazine is now completely separate, with no links back to EE plaza and even another front page, without any kind of erotica or sex links...
We did this sad side step, because many people are afraid to be connected with erotica (!) in any form... Many sites didn't want to link to our exceptional fine Best Buy guide and some big companies, didn't even want us to write deep and very positive reviews, about their finest products... Which is very strange, because the same companies pay for expensive advertising in paper magazines, that also mix technology and sex!
We did actually separate the Art & Technology pages, from the sexy side of EE plaza, several years ago... So you couldn't find any erotic pictures in these pages, just a few links back to the other sections of EE plaza... But that was not enough and we got even banned from forums, when we linked directly to our helpful Art & Technology pages... So we finally decided to open Vantage Technology Magazine and hopefully make everyone happy!

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