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Welcome to the magic of Extreme Erotica!

I produce some of the most delicious "advanced erotic" films, in the world... According to the real experts, as our very satisfied customers and the exclusive men's magazine Mayfair... And we have now made 5 truly delicious films, under the trademark Extreme Erotica... And also recorded some excellent material, for one future film... But we have not relesed any of the films on DVD or internationally, yet and that comes first...
But we seek always more sexy slim girls, who look as max 28 and especially like advanced sex... And cute slim girls from 18 years, that look as 14-18 and at least like 8 of 98 extra advanced games, for juicy "teenage" sex...
And I can of course film you, even before we need more material, if you can wait with the payment until 2023 when we may release more films... Or with direct and generous payment, if you are ultra sexy... And in addition take the most delicious photos of you, as you can read more about just below...
So I naturally want to film YOU now or little later, if you are the special girl we seek... Just email me your contact info and answer the vital questions, at the end...

Why select Extreme Erotica?

MY PHILOSOPHY Is to make extremely delicious movies, spiced with extra advanced sex... True masterpieces, filmed in a very sensual "documentary" style, that actually make you look even more delicious... With golden light, lovely deep shadows, luxurious locations, extremely sexy "daily" clothes, very high quality and even excellent original music, in the legendary dreamy "Enigma" style!
Then am I one of the finest photographers, in the world... Click here to view 133 of my finest public pictures, in a new window... And I have made even finer private photos... So I can also take the most delicious photos of you... Very sensual pictures, made in my unique "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious than in real life... With golden light, lovely shadows, extremely sexy "daily" clothes, luxurious backgrounds and maybe in a romantic park... And I know also many rare positions, that make you look extra lovely and delicious, but most photografers miss...
My photographic philosophy is to capture the ultimate beauty of the girl, in a realistic sensual situation... Magic moments, with a whisper of pure lust, that reflect my vision of beauty... And never any "arty" poses, in some artificial studio environment...
And I can naturally take extremely delicious photos, completely free, even if you only want extra fine photos, that you can sell or use in your web site... Yes, you will naturally get free digital copies of the finest photos, you may use privately... Or use anywhere you like, with a link to me...
You must only be slim (max little curvy) and look as 14-28 with a rather sexy face (in my eyes and I can then make your face more sexy in up to 22 ways) rather slim thighs (upper legs) a cute round ass (with help of a deep back curve) and have something extra, as generous lips or any exotic look... And naturally like to show your wet shaved cunt and suck on my cock, or play with really FAT toys... You may then be short, dark or light and even two girls...
I only reserve the right to publish any free photos in my exclusive EE plaza magazine - but I can cut away or hide your eyes, if you wish (?) and if you let another website show my photos, must that site also show a nice link to me... You can visit me for a weekend (or even two three weeks) and stay in my cosy luxurious flat, as a nice mini holiday... And I can also take excellent photos of anyone (who come here) for 300 euro in advance for 2 hours or just 400 euro for 4 hours... Click here for more info, in a new window... Remember that plane tickets are very cheap, today and any other first class photographer is much more expensive!
Every Extreme Erotica film is based on extra horny delicious sex, with young wet slim girls, who really love sex... Spiced with extra advanced games, a cute or fine story and sometimes a soft, almost romantic beginning... And my unique delicious "documentary" style, combine the great feeling of viewing real horny sex, with true beauty and class...
And my first film, got "the film of the month reward" from MAYFAIR which is one of the finest men's magazine in the world and only write about the absolute best!
So our unique films are absolutely NOT simple porn... They are mainly an extremely delicious combination of the best qualities, from the two most popular styles in the xxx film history... The horny documentary feeling from "Buttman" and the lovely elegant style from "Andrew Blakes" movies... Or the very expensive "Erotic Passion" series, by Creative Art Collections in Luxembourg.
We produce "simply" extremely delicious films, that really can become erotic classics and give you a place in history... You will at least, become a dream girl for thousands of guys and many famous films stars, did actually begin with sex films!
I will also select the games you like most (with help of a list of your talents) and we film in a serious, but very nice and cozy atmosphere... Without a lot of unnecessary personnel, clumsy old equipment, silly extra stories, long waiting times, ugly places and blinding strong lights (!!) which actually is how most other companies work... I use for example a very discreet full HD video camera, that give first class quality even in soft indoor lightening.
Finally am I seriously interested in sex and I don't just film, to make money... We don't write anything humiliating on the covers (if you don't want, just that) and I actually think that horny girls, are the candy of life... And we pay also extra generous, because your delicious games are naturally the heart of the film and you can read a lot more about the money, below...

Welcome to the magic..

Some pictures, from my five films...

Just click on any picture, if you want to read about the film and see 40-60 pictures!

My first great film... "Nicole & Sussi! - Young girls and Big toys" or just EE art A

The second film... "Nicole & Sussi LOVE TO PLAY everywhere!" or EE art B

The third masterpiece... "Colette - The sexy black servant girl" EE art C

The delicious documentary... "Sweet Sussie's Delicious Day" film EE art D

And my latest film... "New great adventures, with lovely Nicole!" film EE art E

OUR CUTE AD - THE BIG VERSION I produce the truly delicious "Extreme Erotica" films and we seek more sexy slim girls, who really like to play... I can easy make you look ultra sexy and film you in the most erotic ways, you may imagine... And in the most extreme ways, you actually like deep inside... Yes, you must first grade 123 soft to extreme games and then will I mainly film the games you love, but you must also like at least 8 of 98 extra advanced games, to spice the story... And I especially film (and take photos) in a lovely "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious - with help of cute to slutty clothes, golden light and sensual shadows, at very cool to classy locations... I am also extra generous and film in a cozy easy way, often outdoors and maybe as a nice holiday... You may even stay (!) and become my ultra sexy girl, slavetoy or maid - if you only ask nice, enjoy to obey and want a completely new and amazingly sexy life...
You must only be slim (max little curvy) from 18 years old and look as 14-28 with a sexy face (in my eyes and I can make your face more sexy in up to 22 ways) rather slim thighs (upper legs) a cute round out pouting ass (with help of a deep back curve) and something extra, as generous lips... You may then be short, dark or light, without any experience and even two girls, with cute tits to giant Boobs... Just phone or email with photos, tell me especially what you like most in sex, the most advanced games we may film and ask me any questions - Welcome!
Then MUST you also have two big fringes (front hair, bangs in usa) who cover most of your forehead and then flow down over the side of your eyes, to your ears... Or one GREAT fringe, that often hang down over one eye... Click here to see... And from golden "sunshine" blond wavy hair with darker stripes, to black or dark brown hair with blonde stripes - but not middle brown or silver grey!

YOUR LOOK - SOMETHING EXTRA The only demands on your look, is the single line in our cute ad, just above... And the "something extra" is just ONE of following special qualities, that really make you look more delicious...
Generous to very big lips, a "V" shaped or extra cute face, if you can look as 14-16 or are petite (type 144 to 155cm and slim) extra big meaty cunt lips, extra long nipples (from 8mm) very big high round breast to gigantic BOOBS (even if small is very sweet) a cute up nose, a ball round ass, always a FAT anal plug, big leaning eyes, a dripping wet shaved cunt, strong intimate jewellery, heavy weights between your legs, black to mahogany brown skin, be very slim (but not too skinny) very deep back arch / curve, extra wide mouth, a gaping loose cunt or no arms... And you can naturally have little of several qualities!
Then is tattoos, scars and hanging breast, ok... But I do NOT like some details... As very wide hips, a flat ass, very short legs, thin lips, a square face or a huge nose... If you don't have 3 extra qualities, for each bad one OR really like 33 of the 98 extra advanced games!

Following pictures... The first part is good EXAMPLES of the "something extra"qualities... And remember that most examples, are just the minimum for that quality... So extra big cunt lips, can naturally be a lot bigger and you can have more weights, if you like... But the first girl, have more than generous lips and the 6 cm WIDE dildo below, will also expand you all the time... A just as wide plug "only" expand you more and more, until the widest part (that is 6 cm) sliiide inside and then it feels, like a big cock... Click on the pix with a 6cm WIDE plug, for more information...
Yes, I also like the look of every girl in my EE plaza site, except a few details, on two three girls... But many of the babes with "Really huge Boobs" have a 10-25% too chubby body, if they not are 159cm or shorter... You may click here to view my Erotic Art Gallery, in EE plaza magazine... And a very fine photographer (like me) can always make an ordinary girl look very sexy, to extremely delicious... Remember finally, that you only need to have ONE extra quality... Except being slim and look as 14-28 with a sexy face, rather slim thighs and a cute round ass... So my few demands, may not be too high!

Click a pix, if you like to see the BIG one...
Three of following example pix, was made by me...

Three sexy girls, with generous lips and a "V" shaped face

A 6 cm WIDE anal plug * Extra big cunt lips * Heavy weights * Look as 15 with a cute ass

A ball round ass * Very slim & look as sixteen * Very big high round breast

Extra long nipples * Big lips & "V" face * Big lips & cute nose * "V" face & cute nose

Extra cute face * A 6 cm WIDE anal dildo * Extra Big Boobs * Gigantic (3x) BOOBS
OBS: The girl with gigantic BOOBS is the only one who need to loose some weight!

And some other very sexy girls, who mainly illustrate some of the
extra advanced sexgames, that I can film, if you really like... But
they are NOT clear examples of the "something extra" qualities!

And remember... You must first grade 123 soft to extreme games,
that naturally are selected because they look especially good on film
and I will then ONLY film the games you actually like, so you
DON'T have to do any of the following games!!

Perfect makeup * 5 cm dildos * Lovely anal fucking * A very anal girl!

Lovely clothes... * Fine dress, in right size * Real whipping, with a leather strap

Black babe, in sexy bondage * Extra Big Boobs * Sweet girl, on a FAT dildo * Big breast bondage

YOU MAY EVEN HIDE YOUR EYES We can easy change your ordinary look and style, in up to NINE steps (!) if you are afraid to be recognised... We will anyhow change any ordinary look, in three big ways, that really will change your style and hide your identity... (1) You must naturally have extremely to ultra sexy clothes, from our big delicious wardrobe (2) and you will get a very heavy photo makeup... Which also are extra sexy, in a cute teeny or wild slutty style, but never vulgar... (3) And then must you also have one huge or two big fringes (front hair) that almost hide your eyes... And after these three BIG changes, will you naturally look VERY different and even like another babe, so nobody should be able to recognise you... (4) And if anyone anyhow suspect it's you, may you simply say "Oh yes, I heard about that film and they say she look just like me!" with a big smile... (5) Then are you naturally very welcome to use more makeup (6) and change your hair style, including the colour or a sexy wig, so you will look even more different... See more about just that in the section Before you come... And I really hope those 6 ways is enough (?!?) because your photos and any films, become naturally much more delicious, if I can show your face...

Yes, your face are naturally VERY important for the movie... And remember that I will anyhow change your style so dramatically, that you will become like another babe and nobody should recognise you...
But if showing your eyes is a hard limit (7) can you also wear sexy dark sunglasses - but then will your payment be half and you must also like at least 16 of 98 extra advanced games, in the separate "Your Talents" list... Or even (8) use a sexy blindfold of lace (that hide your eyes completely, even if you just can see trough) or (9) use one of the mask below - but then will your payment also be half, you must like at least 16 extra advanced games and almost only do the most advanced games (you grade as 2 for "like it little" or higher) in the hole film!

Click a pix, if you like to see the BIG one...

A black and gold mask I have * A lace blindfold, but mine is darker * An owl feather mask I have

ABOUT MEN AND FRIENDS Many games can be filmed without any man, but we need normally a great fuck and a delicious sucking scene... If you don't like minimum 16 extra advanced games, without men OR we film max 30 to 60 minutes... Otherwise must you bring a well equipped man (who like to play for free and is 4x16cm measured on top) or be very willing to play with the men, I can offer... But you never have to fuck without condom, even if the man is tested!
You may naturally bring a girlfriend (or a very helpful boyfriend) as extra security and we can film any day... You (and any girlfriend) can also sleep some days at my place, without any extra sex...
You don't have to do the normal "audition" with me, except suck on my cock (if I get really horny) and I will never demand any more private sex... But I will naturally help you with the clothes and grease you with oil, for the right wet look... And if I may spurt all over your face, can I naturally take some extra delicious pictures... Then can you naturally stay some weeks, if you actually like to play little more, as a lovely free mini holiday!

THE DIRECTOR * I am long, dark blond, healthy & slim... A dominant but loving man, you always can trust... Born 57 but look as 55 with green eyes and a classic face.

And if you want to stay, can you even become my ultra sexy girl, extremely anal slavetoy, ultra slutty maid or very willing secretary... You must "only" be sexy, love to suck on my big cock, always dress extremely sexy, wear a minimum 6cm FAT anal plug and welcome outdoor sex, very embarrassing orders and sexy spanking (or a lot more, if you like) as normal foreplay... And then gladly let me fuck you anally, welcome advanced slavetraining (except any absolute limits) with submissive passion, get nice "rewards" when you been extra good and naturally try to follow my 9 slave laws, as a very good slavetoy - or get real effective punishments (you don't like) so you remember and improve...
And then be used in every sexy way, you actually like deep inside and never get paid, not even when I film you... But you will naturally get free food, a too sexy uniform, many delicious "slave garments" and special clothes (some in good time, some as "rewards" when you been extra good) and a place in my bed, in my very cozy luxurious flat...
And I don't pay for any travel expenses... But airplane tickets cost very little today and you can first come, be filmed (so it cover your travel cost) pay the friend who borrow you money and then simply stay... And I have naturally a special HUGE private website for a future slavetoy, with much deeper information - just ask nice, if you enjoy to obey and want a more exciting life!

YOUR TALENTS Are first how sexy you can look, then how delicious horny or "sex hungry" you act (with help of my instructions) and especially how you clearly enjoy rather soft sex and the extra advanced games, that will spice the story... And you must only like 8 of the 98 extra advanced games you first must grade (on a separate paper or by email) but more than 8 are naturally better... And then will I mainly film the soft games, you grade highest and the most advanced games, you like deep inside or grade higher *hehe*
Then have I also a separate list with 25 soft sex games, that you also must grade, because I simply don't want to film any game you don't like and get a boring scene... So you can naturally grade most soft games very low, if you prefer wild to extreme games... And all games are naturally selected, because they look especially delicious on film!
Remember that every girl is UNIQUE and like very different games, so many examples are naturally very advanced, but some games counts as 2 or 3 games and I only want to film the games YOU actually like to experience, deep inside!!

The 98 extra advanced games... You grade on a separate paper or by email... Begin with seven different "ways" of wank and fuck with bigger and bigger toys in your cunt and ass, you can suck cock and then be fucked anal, same with several guys or as gang bang, tree games with a girl, if you look very young or are giant pregnant, you are naturally welcome to suck me until I have to spurt my cream all over your face and then will you find 34 different games, with more and more advanced outdoor sex, everything from very sexy clothes to the most xxx!!
I can almost always film Outdoor Sex very discretely - so only my camera see what you do and nobody suspect anything, even in the middle of town, with help of hidden angles and my very discreet full HD camera... And if its cold, can we even film inside a luxurious shopping centre and then eat on a Chinese restaurant, or do everything on a Finland cruiser... And you can naturally change, just before we film and after... I also have a lovely and peaceful little park, just in front of my flat, if you only like some thrills...
Finally have we the most advanced, with 6 cute to extreme bondage games, more & more advanced S/M and 19 cute to perverse wet sex games... Then have we (as I told you) an extra list with 25 soft games, that you also must grade and I only want to film the games YOU actually like deep inside, so...

Your answers will be extremely important... Because they help me select a delicious story, with games you really like and I will also see that you are very serious...
And everything will also be a little more nice, if I can plan things!


Can you easy grade and answer later, on a separate paper or by email!

ADVANCED STORIES We can simply, film the "extra advanced games" you like most... And let a nice and simple sub story, connect the games... But I have otherwise 27 really interesting stories / plots, to choose between and about 20 of them are more advanced intrigues, as a fine cinema movie... So you can play some theatre, if you like, with very easy dialog... Or even play more advanced scenes, that sometimes need some rehearsals... And you can always get extra easy directions, before each scene...
Almost half of the stories are also like different scenes, around a special theme... And the theme can be sex games you like - as anal games, outdoor sex, big dildos or wet sex... You may also decide, if the episodes or scenes: will have soft and almost romantic beginnings, often begin and end extra advanced, or normally start and end purely perverse!

MONEY You will first get 4000sek (about 400 euro) after 1 recorded hour (about 40 minutes cut film) that take just 4 to max 6 hours... And that is about 100sek, for every minute we finally use... So you will get 8000sek for an complete film of 80 minutes, that take just 2 short days (or one long, if you prefer that) and I would really love to make more films with you, if you are a very good girl... Two films give you 16.000sek and tree films 24.000sek and that take only six short (or three long) very nice days!!
But the payment will naturally be half and you must play wilder games, if you want to hide your eyes behind dark sunglasses or a blindfold... And the normal payment by other film makers, is only 2000 to 5000sek for a long advanced scene (or a very simple porn film) that normally is recorded in about 8-12 hours of stress and delays, in just one day... So I pay very generous... But I will naturally delete any bad scenes (as fumble or laughing) so they will not count and if you play with a friend, must you both share the money... And I don't pay for any travel expenses.. But airplane tickets cost very little today, so the first short day of filming should easy cover your travel cost *hehe*
I am also an excellent photographer and you will naturally get free copies, of the finest pictures... And if we take a little more time, can I take extremely delicious photos - you can use as advertising, sell or show in your own web site - if you only link me... Magic moments, with a whisper of pure lust, that reflect my vision of sensual beauty and make you look even more delicious!
We can also film extra material (if you like) when you anyway are here... But then will I not pay, before I actually use the extra material in future films... Which naturally, will make me film you more and possible pay you more!

TIME If you only try to do as I tell you and really show (or play) that you really are horny, will one recorded hour only take 4 hours (one short day) otherwise, will it take a bit more time... Welcome and shake hands take 10 minutes, final planning 15 makeup 20 try and dress delicious 20 directions two times 10 filming 60 take some excellent cover photos in and after each scene 20 change angle and other tech stuff 30 change clothes 20 new makeup 5 film again when bad 5 some problem 10 and a break 15 minutes...
And first 1 more hour, if you didn't grade the 123 games before you came... Plus 1 more hour, if we are filming outdoors and 2 more if we also take a dinner brake... And 1 more hour, if you need very easy instructions before every step and game... So totally 4 to max 8 hours...
But we can also film 2 recorded hours in 10 hours (which give you 8000sek) including a dinner brake and filming 60 minutes outdoor - if you are smart and grade the games before you come!

BEFORE YOU COME Shave very careful between your legs, but NOT your eyebrows and you can leave some hair, well above you pussy... You may naturally change you hairstyle and and maybe get a ponytail, so no one can recognize you, but DON'T crisp or small curl your hair...
And you MUST have two big fringes (front hair) as I wrote before, who cover most of your forehead and then flow down over the side of your eyes, to your ears... Or one GREAT fringe, that often hang down over one eye... Click here to see...
Then can you have from golden "sunshine" blond wavy hair with darker stripes, to black or dark brown hair with blonde stripes - but NOT middle brown or silver grey... And you may even have a sexy wig *hehe*
You must only bring legitimation and if you have, black or dark brown kajal and black mascara... Then I have naturally every clothes and toys you need, as you can see below...

Some of the cute, delicious and thrillingly slutty clothes you may use...

Click any pix, to see the big one...

VITAL QUESTIONS Tell me first what you like most in sex, if you like anal sex, the most advanced games we may film OR your absolute limits (what you never want to do) and how you look, with help of the "something extra" list... Click here copy the list and adjust the text, so it really show Your extra qualities... You can also tell me, if you look very close to some girls in my sites... Click here to view The finest sexy Pictures - in a new window!
Send me then an email with your answers... And as soon you can, some pictures that show your face, that you have rather slim thighs (upper legs) and your ass, from the side... So I can see that you really have a cute ROUND ass, at least when you arch your back deeply and pout out you bottom!

Welcome to the magic world of Extreme Erotica!

Richard Croye
rcroye @ gmail.com

Stockholm, Sweden

Yes... You can always tip interesting girls and get a reward of 100 dollars, if we
make a complete film... You may tell her everything about Extreme Erotica, or just
show her this information and maybe, help her to phone or write, with photos!!

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