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Have you some very sexy original photos or drawings?? This pages are made to show the most delicious photographs and drawings, of young slim girls with cute round butts... And we have also a separate section with Wild Erotic Stories, if you like to write...
So you are naturally very welcome, to send us your own (original) photographs, drawings, other art, videos or steamy stories.... We will then publish everything we really like and maybe even create a mini gallery, as Natalie's on the butt page... And you may sign with your name, email, a nice link to your website OR be completely anonymous... Yes, we can also fix very bad (but rather sharp) pictures... Click here for deeper info!

Are you a young slim girl, who want first class photos?? Then can I also take the most delicious photos of you... Completely free - if you only have a rather sexy face (in my eyes) rather slim thighs (upper legs) are slim (max curvy) with a cute round ass (with help of a deep back curve) look as 14 to 28 and have something extra, as generous lips or any exotic look... And naturally like to show your wet shaved cunt and suck on my cock, or play with really FAT toys... And if you want to be in my future films, can I even pay you, as you can see below... You must only visit me here in Stockholm Sweden... But plane tickets are cheap, today and I can also take excellent photos of anyone (who come here) for 300 euro in advance for 2 hours or just 400 euro for 4 hours...
I am one of the finest photographers, in the world and over 333 of the pictures in EE plaza are mine... Every big photo with a green EE sign, except eight presents... Click here to view 133 of my finest pictures, in a new window... And I have even finer private photos... Very sensual pictures, in my unique "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious than in real life... With golden light, lovely shadows, very sexy "daily" clothes, luxurious backgrounds and maybe in a romantic park...
My photographic philosophy is to capture the ultimate beauty, in a realistic and sensual situation... Magic moments, with a whisper of pure lust, that reflect my vision of beauty... And never any silly "arty" poses, in an artificial studio... Click here for complete info!

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Our "public documentary" policy... Almost every outdoor picture by Extreme Erotica, that not show the girls face, is of lovely real life girls and not photo models... So we don't show any faces, in respect of the girls privacy... Even if it is legal (in Sweden and most countries) to take and show any picture, from a public place... And I only take photograph, if the girl seem to like the attention... Most girls move actually a little, to show me more and some babes, also open the legs wide, for my camera... And a few hot girls, even begin to play with them self (!) but I don't publish these very special pics, which possible was a very intimate present, only for me...

Welcome to the magic world of Extreme Erotica!

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