The most delicious fringes

You must have two big fringes (front hair) who cover most of your forehead and then flow down over
the side of your eyes, to your ears... Or one GREAT fringe, that often hang down over one eye... Simply
comb your wet hair right down and cut the "front" hair, so it ends just under your nose tip, between your
cheek bones... The big sexy fringes will then cover your eyes, sometimes and almost make you blind...

Many female pop stars, have great fringes to look extra sexy... And it will also make you look clearly
younger, especially if you also have a ponytail... Asian girls, who normally want to look much younger and cute
as a kitten, love this hairstyle... Then will any girl who show her forehead - look a lot more clever, superior,
arrogant and often freezing cold...
And I naturally want you to look extremely sexy, deeply submissive and if
you like to play a stupid wet bimbo, as dumb as possible... Then are the finest hair colours and styles,
rather long golden "sunshine" blond wavy hair, with darker stripes (streaks) or dark brown,
possibly with blonde stripes... Click here for the finest hair colour and styles!

And if you LOVE deep humiliation, must you first get big sexy fringes and then let them hide one
or both eyes - even if that make you almost blind, so you really look as dumb as possible ;-)

My grades is 50 for perfect 45 almost 40 delicious 35 very sexy fringe!

50 Big double fringes * 50 Perfect fringes * 50 Heather Locklear * 48 Great blonde fringes * 48 Beyonce w big fringes

47 Shakira know the secret, with big fringes * 46 Slavegirl w big fringes * 46 Very nice fringes * 45 Ebony slut w fringes

44 A big fringe on the third girl * 42 Nicole with a big fringe

43 Tyra Banks * 43 A great long fringe * 42 Nicole with a big fringe * 43 Babe with a big fringe

43 Cassie Ventura * 42 Brigitte Bardot

And if you really HATE to have some hair, flowing down over the side of your eyes?!?
Can you cut your hair, so it ends right above your eyes... As the babes in this pictures...

42 Almost delicious fringes * 36 See how the hair frame in her delicious face...

38 Cute double fringes... * 34 Britney Spears

38 Two rather short fringes * 36 See how a low fringe, create a mysterious cat like vision and focus on her mouth...

Any babe look more clever, superior and freezing cold - if she show her forehead...
Even if she is a true bimbo in every other way, suck cock or dress extremely sexy!

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