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Ancient Beauty

Ancient Beauty

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Fine Technology

Do you plan to buy any tech?! Then MUST you first check our famous Best Buy guide, in EE plaza magazine... You will not find better advice, anywhere else... We select the extra fine products, that gives you the best value - in almost every category... And we often include vital advice, good alternatives and a short explanation, on why that one really is the best choice...
We report also about the most promising NEW stuff, deeper than most paper magazines.. Yes, it is very complicated to always select the absolute best, but nobody have ever complained about any advice... And we have only got grateful mails, from happy buyers and other experts!
The sections.. Front page of the Best Buy Guide Audio Video Digital cameras GSM telephones Computer, div and Programs Cars Boats Wrist watches Excellent Film's The advanced HIFI school, that explains everything...

Want a fine test picture, for your monitor? To test a new monitor or optimize your settings... Just click the Car...

Like to discover the finest motor boats?? I sincerely love fine boats and I have carefully selected the finest boats and mini yachts (on the big Swedish market) for short holiday cruises, in style... Click here and enjoy...

The amazing OLED display technology!! We have the deepest article about this revolutionary display technology, that will change your life... Click here for the future!

Do you love to read about fine cars?? The Car section of our great Best Buy guide, list the finest alternatives in every category... Even if the taste of cars are very different, so you might naturally prefer some other models... Click here to discover more...

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For anyone that is creative or artistic...

Do you enjoy to write wild stories, about sexy young girls?? We love to publish stories in our magazine, if they really are delicious... So click and check the easy rules!

You can also write fine articles, for EE plaza Magazine! We welcome any interesting deep stuff about great technology, from small delights (type hifi, computers, timepieces) to extra fine vehicles (cars, boats, airplanes) and mainly written, like long or short inspiring reviews... And naturally interesting deep reportage from sexy holiday resorts, fairs and (with pictures) exclusive homes... It may also be deep helpful advice about hifi, computers and other stuff...
You can be totally anonymous, publish the story with your name, email or together with a nice link, to your website... But we offer EE plaza magazine, as a free bonus to our visitors and that is almost too expensive, so we can't pay you more, than the great satisfaction of enlightening your readers and the exclusive fame... Click here for little more info!

Have you some very sexy original photos or drawings?? We love to show the world, very fine original art... And "The finest sexy Pictures" section in EE plaza, are made to show the most delicious photographs and drawings, of young slim girls with cute round butts...
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Click here for complete info, eller här för Svenska... Answer then with photos tell me especially what you like most in sex, your limits and ask any questions - Welcome!

Art, objects of great beauty and architecture

Do you like Art, great beauty or fine architecture? We have a separate Art page, in EE plaza... With objects of great beauty, including fine architecture... Click here to enjoy...

Click a picture, to see the Big version..
Ancient Beauty

Help EE passion, to get even better!

Wanna help us to get bigger and better? First of all, remember to invite your friends to EE passion... And tip then everyone in sexy forums, discussion boards, communities and groups... Type "A great site tip - www.eepassion.com - is the finest contact club and completely free" plus mention to friends, that it is very easy to write a great Ad, even if you can grade 242 sexgames if you like and write your own Ad, if you forgot!
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Are there some complicated words, you don't understand?? I sincerely hope that I found the best words, everywhere... But you are very welcome to suggest any changes, that are more accurate OR more easy to understand!

And I got some complaints on my English in EE passion and EE plaza... Even if several English friends (including a fine writer) say it's better than most peoples and I am from Sweden, so I can't write much better... So you are naturally very welcome, to point out the worst mistakes with my English language... Both in EE passion and EE plaza... But if you like to help, by copy bad parts or words and then write new suggestions, must I first point out some vital aspects... It's very important that even sexy German bimbos (who understand rather little English and almost only think about sex) understand as much as possible, in EE passion... The space to describe many things and especially the sex games, are very limited... I want to explain every vital part, so we don't get any misunderstandings and to make EE passion very easy to use... My "English" is mainly the British version, with some American words... Then is it naturally nice, if the language is beautiful too!

Have you found some strange problem, with EE passion?? We want to be absolute excellent, in every way... So please click here and tell us about any strange problem!

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Some great tip, that might improve your life!

My best advice for a long and happy life... Understand that time, is the main problem and use it good... The best tool to manage your life, is a fine PDA (pocket computer or smart phone) with a keyboard, even if it can be a big investment... Click here to find the best!
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Two pieces of garlic each day, should keep you free from any cold and even flu, it work magic for me (had constant nose problems before) and "garlic in marinade" does NOT give you any bad breath...
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And its naturally important to live in harmony with your fellow human beings, so it would be ideal if we all speak English as first language!

Even more fun and interesting stuff!

Do you like cute kittens? We have a gallery with cute and curious cats, plus a lot of swan's... Click and enjoy!

Do you want world peace? Yes, I have also develop the only system - that actually should work - for both world peace and a finer national economy... Click here for the details!

Imagine, a very nice and thrilling card game This is a very special card game, I invented 1977 for my friends amusement and they love it... The main inspiration, was that ordinary games are either boring or too "complex" without any good reason... The special thing with my "simple" design, is the high level of optional strategic thinking and the automatic equalization of luck, type if you are lucky you soon have to give away some fine cards... I did also keep all basic qualities, with games like poker... Click here for the easy rules!

Do you like excellent films, too?? We have naturally a magnificent list, with
the greatest movies.. To explore, enjoy and collect... Click here and have fun!

The almost secret world history and strange facts... Yes, we have also a great page in EE plaza with the most important historical facts, they actually should tell you at school and other very interesting pieces, of time... Including the biggest hero, in the second world war and the sad truth, about the worst mass murders by governments... Click here to really explore!

Want to explore the finest sites on internet? We have collected the absolute best of the best sites, that also are free... Click here for the finest web sites, without erotica...
Or here for the Pink Link Gallery, with 99 sexy sites!

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Silver and Gold dolphins

We seek sexy girls, for the delicious EE films
I film and take photos in a lovely "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious... See my examples... And I mainly film the games you like most, but you must also like 8 of 98 extra advanced games, to spice the story... Then am I extra generous and film in a cozy easy way, at luxurious locations, often outdoors and maybe as a nice holiday!
You must only be slim (max little curvy) from 18 and look as 14-28 with a cute round out pouting ass, sexy face, rather slim thighs (upper legs) and something xtra, as generous lips... You may then be short, dark or light and even two girls!
Click here for complete info, eller här för Svenska... Answer then with photos tell me especially what you like most in sex, your limits and ask any questions - Welcome!

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