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A teenies extreme holiday adventures!
Shaya, want little more...
2005-06-10My most exciting adventures...
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Natassia Wough's new life, as a slavegirl...
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Wild Erotic Stories

A teenies extreme holiday adventures We got this looong true story from a dripping wet and very anal girl, who love to tell you about her extreme holiday adventures, including some great anal gang bangs... The story got updated 031031 and is now more detailed... This wild girl, who call herself a horny maso slut (and that seem to be very right) was only 19 years old and very very sexy, with lovely cat eyes and a very slim but curvy body... You can now see her pix, inside... Click here to read her wet adventures!

Shaya, want little more Welcome to our second and rather LONG original story, from a generous visitor... About the first wide step into BDSM and anal adventures, for a young curious girl... It begin little soft, but get then more and more advanced... And is finally completed, with four great chapters... Click here to read this delicious story!

My most exciting adventures, with truly delicious babes This is a very open documentary, about my most exciting erotic adventures, with my slavetoys and other truly delicious babes.... And 16 magic moments of pure lust... The true stories begin with some very soft romantic delights and develop to my most extreme experiences, with extremely sexy girls... I did naturally change the names and some other details, but everything else is strictly documentary... I began to write this 2005 and it's already as long as a book, on 3 huge pages... Click here to read the first 16 chapters!

You are very welcome to write truly wild erotic stories, for this magazine...
Yes, the story must be based on real events and have some amazing qualities... But it can be separate experiences and adventures, mixed together to a new reality and naturally, with other looks... And the main babe, must anyhow be a young slim wet girl, who love very advanced sex... Then may the story, be about almost any kind of extreme (but legal) sex... Or be based on small, but very delicious details... And we will normally adjust the text, so you don't have to write very fine... You can also send us extra delicious little stories and ideas, that maybe will make our films even better!
Click here to email us... You can naturally be totally anonymous, or publish the story with your name, email and together with a nice link, to your website... But we have over twenty lovely intrigues, for our future films and we will always offer this Magazine completely free, so we will not pay for stories, except that you get the great possibility to truly enjoy people and show your masterpieces for many many years!

Do you want to become a Rich and Famous writer??
I have a rare talent for creating finer "systems" and a great story, is in fact a delicate system of intriguing elements... And I have now develop 28 complete and very interesting intrigues, for over 50 books - but I have no time to write them, the next ten years... Or the special talent, to really make my stories justice... I have read a lot of fine books, but I get normally rather disappointed on the story and most of my intrigues are actually more fascinating than the finest books I read, except a few extraordinary masterpieces like the short stories of Roald Dahl.... And I got some of my intrigues, as very detailed "visions" of what I would love to read...
Then are my stories strangely enough very different and cover almost every style - including adventure, thriller, comedy, action, documentary drama, science fiction, horror, romantic drama and advanced erotica - even if every single story is both rich and very genuine... Like a clear golden memory, of a real event... Some is partly dreamy, but never vague and none is too complex, even if they normally have many layers... Most of my stories are very advanced intrigues, with complete detailed chapters and from 2 to 22% erotic scenes... From just some slightly erotic feelings, to deeply erotic side stories... And then are 11 of the intrigues advanced erotic stories, for about 20 books...
Every one of my intrigues are especially more interesting than ordinary bestsellers (my minimum limit, for writing down an idea) and some of them have purely amazing qualities, according to the few who read them... And they get often very frustrated and even angry, because they really want to read the complete books and not wait ten years or even longer!
So I am now looking for a very serious "partner" who write elegant, flowing and very engaging / interesting... You must especially capture the spirit of the intrigue and naturally make it justice... But you may also improve the story, in any way I approve and hopefully write many parts more brilliant, than I can do... Without loosing the deeper qualities of the story... Some of my finest stories, are very exact and can only be written in one way, so a few books will demand a lot of discipline and at the same time be a very interesting challenge to write!
You must first sign a special agreement of secrecy, which must include that "I will only use original ideas from (my name) intrigues, as a writing partner and then split any profits equal" before I give you more information... Then can you select any of my intrigues, even from the six finest... Yes, you must anyhow begin with the first chapter and then may you only continue (with one of my finest) if I really enjoy or love your writing style... And if I just like your writing style, can you continue with any other intrigue, except my six finest... And if the complete book become really fine (at least) can you naturally continue with any of my finest intrigues!
I will anyhow give you any feedback and deeper details you may need, to really write a masterpiece... And we will split any future profit equal, which should become a lot of money (in good time) and you can also be the official author (if you like) who meet the media and may get really famous, after some books... Your name (or pseudonym, if you prefer that) will always come first, after "Written by" inside the books and then will my name or pseudonym follow after "Story by" even if you did improve some parts... So this is truly an opportunity of a lifetime, if you have the talent and time... Following is a message to Swedish writers... Och sedan är jag Svensk, så du kan naturligtvis skriva på Svenska... Click here to email me!

Natassia Wough's new life, as a slavegirl We will maybe begin to write a very long, interactive and very advanced erotic story... About an over ambitious journalist, who get an extreme offer she can't refuse... She is a very intelligent young woman of twenty two, with an unusual good looking body... And her "only" major problem, is that she have let her work become her life and she use to sacrifice everything for every project... That lead to some fatal mistakes and she had finally to select a punishment, or leave her work in extreme disgrace... Which become the beginning of our main story, about her punishment and unique opportunity, to get a completely new life...
You will also get the very special opportunity, to suggest how her future will become and also vote about many alternatives, as her new name!!
But first some more facts... Yes, even this story will be based on real events and around several real persons, even if it will be more "new" parts and strange developments...
Now back to the background... Natassia Wough does have an delicious slim body and look very similar to Nicole Sassi (the star of EE films) even if she is more petite and have long dark brown hair... But she still look rather ordinary, mainly because she dress more classic and bizy, than attractive... She is also of a very fine family and rather rich... Her "only" major problem, is that she have let her work become her life and she use to sacrifice everything, for every project... That did result in more and more prestigious projects and deep respect by her colleagues, but she had no lovers and not even a real friend... And she did finally some big fatal mistakes, falsifying several facts to get better stories and her paper, was sued for one of her false articles and had to pay a rather big sum, in damage...
She got then two alternatives... She could get sued by the paper for every false article and probably loose her fortune, naturally leave her work in total disgrace and never be able to work as an journalist again... Or take a very special assignment, getting trained by professionals and be completely transformed, to a totally extreme ultra sexy bimbo and at the same time, be able to write the most advanced inside story of her life!!
But there was several reason, to really hesitate... She would sign away any control over her near future and only be able to decide, if she actually want to continue the training, after six month's... And even this first phase, will include big steps as really giant BOOBS and very intensive daily slave training, with both deeply humiliating orders, severe punishment for any sloppy behaviour and naturally, more and more advanced sexual games... She will not even be able to select her future Master and her development would be completely in the hands of her old boss, the papers owner... And if she decide to continue after the first six month, will the training also include mind control and make her completely sex crazy, until she only can think about sex and simply behave as a delicious dumb sex toy... So she may not even be able to write, the rest of her own story!
Yes, she must of course take this extraordinary opportunity and begin her journey to slavery... Mainly because the whole idea intrigues her and make her extremely curious, but secretly because she desire anyhow a major change in her life and realize (deep inside) that she actually might enjoy it...
Now it's time for the interactive aspect You may suggest anything you like to read, in the future story and actually create a part of Natassia's extreme adventures... A few initial questions... * Should she hesitate a long time and maybe try her future, by visiting a S/M club, before she say yes?? * Or should she be on the limit to say no, when she anyhow accept the offer?? * What will happen to her, directly after she sign the agreement?? * Will her old boss take advantage of the situation and let her prove her willingness to obey??? * And in that case, how will he get his first revenge?? Remember that the magazine lost almost one million euro, to silence down one of her fabrications... * Will she get a secret drugs (or a special operation) right at the start, who improve her sexual feeling and make her constantly wet??? * Will she almost directly OR rather slowly, discover that she actually like the training, in some ways????
Just click here to mail us, any delicious adventures for Natassia... But don't hope too much, because I will only include the best and worst suggestions!
A few words about the story writing... I am not excellent in English, so I will naturally make some mistakes (which you are welcome to correct) and this story is ONLY an side project, so it might take several years to finish and not move for months, if I don't get some help... But I will naturally inform about every new part, on the what's new page... And the last news is that I have not had any time to write this story, yet - so you are VERY welcome to help me, if you have a talent for writing?!

The Swedish flag - Copyright by EE plaza, in this versionThe Swedish SectionThe Swedish flag - Copyright by EE plaza, in this version
Erotic stories in Swedish, which is
too complicated to translate...

Extreme Erotica, har äran att presentera...

En vanvettig vårdikt En extrem historia och ett vackert poem, som vi har censuerat en smula, från en anonym flicka... Klicka här, för en ny sida om du är nyfiken!

Charlottes Val Vi kan nu presentera en ovanligt lång och mycket intressant berättelse, från en ung vacker flicka, som fick prova på att vara en slavinna och upptäcka en ny värld, av avancerad sex... Den lilla boken är dessutom mycket skickligt skriven och innehåller många extra saftiga lekar, som ibland är på gränsen av det lagliga... Vissa avsnitt, passar kanske bäst mycket erfarna läsare och de som älskar det mest perversa... Men även nybörjare, kan nog lära sig en hel del och vi välkommnar naturligtvis fler avancerade berättelser... Klicka här, för en ny sida om du vill läsa hela boken om Charlottes saftiga äventyr, alldeles gratis!

Robert & Diana Det här är en kortare, lite softare och extra dokumentär berättelse, av flickan som skrev "Charlottes Val" och som möjligtvis berättar, hur allt började... Klicka här, för en ny sida om du vill läsa novellen om Diana's framtid!

Världens mest oanständiga bok... Ciss perversa äventyr, som oskuld Den här boken är (såvitt vi vet) skriven av en mycket ung kvinna, som älskar pervers sex...
OBS! Vi gillar inte censur, men det finns naturligtvis vissa gränser och vi tyckte först att flickorna verkade lite väl unga, men författarinnan har bedyrat, att de verkligen är lovliga skolflickor (dvs inte mindreåriga) trots att det kanske verkar annorlunda i vissa stycken... Varje berättelse är sedan fria fantasier, som enbart delvis bygger på hennes egna erfarenheter... Lillasystern Mia, var till exempel en kompis och det mesta med pappan ska vara påhittat, men nästan alla andra lekar har verkligen hänt, enligt författarinnan... Jag har översatt hela boken från Engelska (pust) utan minsta justering och den handlar i korthet om, hur Ciss upptäckte allt mer avancerad sex, tillsammans med sin kåta lillasyster...
Klicka här, för en ny sida om du vill läsa prologen och det första kapitlet!

Flickor är mycket välkommna... Att skicka långa saftiga berättelser eller små intressanta historier, baserade på verkliga händelser... Du kan till exempel berätta om... Det allra saftigaste som du vart med om och egentligen gillat, det sexigaste du vart klädd till vardags och hur du blottar dig (tex på stan) hur du njuter av mycket avancerad sex (tex juckar in ovanligt stora dildos) hur du upptäckte sex, dina våtaste fantasier eller det mest pinsamma, som gjort dig kåt... Klicka här om du vill emaila din story... Killar kan dessutom skicka in sanna dokumentära berättelser (långa eller korta) som enbart handlar om läckra unga flickor, som är ovanligt kåta eller gillar mycket avancerad sex!

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