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Shaya, want little more

By Dean Wood Part one, of four parts...

Warning!! The last chapter include at least one Donkey.... So avoid chapter four, if you don't
like that kind of fiction OR if it is illegal to read about any animal sex, in your country!!

The loud whistle, that suddenly pierced the air, made me half jump!
It came from right across the other side of the street... I half turned to see where it came from. A bunch of guys all in their 20’s I guess stared back at me and smiled, half waved. I turned my back and walked on... I didn't want them to see I was smiling too.

Half of me was slightly angry. But the other half, was not really surprised that they wanted to whistle and even a little bit proud... They may like my blonde neatly cut short hair, light gold skin, slim figure and the walk I had been practicing ever since I had seen those models, on the fashion catwalks. I was pretty pleased with my looks and body. Bit conceited I know, but enough men and some women, had told me I looked good. Especially in classic bias-cut fashion clothes, which is expensive but worth it... For one thing they wear well and for another (more important reason) they are so well cut, that it really is like having a second skin that moves with you and gives accent to my curves and my sensual walk.

I guess I have a good bone structure, with firm jaw line and a long neck.. A guy I’d been with, said he could easily enclose it in his two hands. But my tits and bum, well each of all of my four mounds could be held in a man’s hand. Very firm and not over ripe, you may say. But then I did work out at the local gym. I wanted to stay in shape... I’d always admired those female athletes, but only because what they had was firm. I didn't like the sinewy look about them though. Then I loved my big nipples, they perched on the front of my tits all pink and sweet. Every so often, when they wanted attention, they would stand up and I loved to look at them then. ’Pick me, pick me!’ I could almost hear them cry.

I used to find myself looking at myself in the mirror or even a shop window, as I walked by. Turning this way and that. Posing with my weight on one foot, like a little pirouette. I kept my body hair in check as well. It was golden, but I didn't like the way it spread around... So you’d find me every so often lying on my back, with my legs like a giant ‘V’ giving my downy mound a trim...

I have a confession. I sometimes would go into those specialist lingerie shops. You know the sort of thing? Just to be fitted for a new bra. They have to measure you. Under the breast, across the tops of the nipples and so on. That whistle had made me suddenly aware of myself and I wanted to take a good look. That meant stripping off, in front of a good full length mirror. Well round the corner is this little lingerie shop and I hadn't been in this one before, so...

‘Good afternoon. What can I do for you Miss?’ The dark haired assistant looked up from the glossy fashion magazine she’d been studying and looked me over.
‘I’d like to be fitted for a new bra.’ I said. I didn't really need a bra, yet... But it may be good to support them anyhow, so the muscles don't start to stretch and they continue to look like they’re perched on your chest...

‘If you’d care to step through to the fitting room and slip out of your dress, I’ll be with you in a moment. Is there a particular style you’re looking for?’
‘No, but I don't want one with seams or too fussy.’ I replied.

Once inside the room, my dress was off in a flash. And I stood in front of 3 mirrors (heaven) naked except for my hold-ups and very high heels. I began the examination, turning this way and that. Running my hands over my curves. Checking my little trim! Without realizing I had made my pink nipples start shouting, ‘Me me!’ Then the assistant came in with tape measure over her shoulder.

‘Oh. You didn't need to take everything off.’ I could see her looking at my naked body. Something in her eye told me she liked what she saw – or was envious. Either way, that’s also part of why I do this. I like being center of attention, to be the focus. Well I was wearing a chic dress and no knickers, because my boyfriend was meeting me later and he want me like that...

She came and stood in front of me, took the tape off her shoulder and passed it around my back, under my breasts. I felt her warm breath on my nipples and she noted the number. Then moving the tape up my back, just a little, she brought it over my nipples. I could see, that she could see, that they were erect. And growing of joy, as the cool white tape crushed them back against their rose-pink discs. She kept the tape there just that bit longer, than you would expect. There we stood almost tit to tit, the naked blonde and the brunette. ‘What now?’ I thought.

She took the tape away and turned and went back into the shop. I detected a guilty look in her expression. She was aroused, but too shy... So was I. In a few moments she returned with 4 or 5 boxes. Each had a beautiful smooth bra nestling in its tissue wrapping. She took one out and came towards me. Standing behind me, I could almost feel her hips against my bum cheeks and her warm breath on my naked golden shoulder, she placed my mounds into the fabric cups and fastened me in. Stepping in front of me she continued to adjust the cups running her fingers along the outer seems, her nails drawing lazily across my skin. Finally satisfied that the straps were the correct height she traced her hands over my breasts – to indicate no cup seam and the smoothness of the fabric, I guess. And little to slow, over my arching nipples... She looked me in the eyes. Mine crystal blue, hers rich dark pools of brown. ‘One of us, must make a move’. I thought.

‘I like this one. Do you have it in black? Or perhaps a more sheer material?’
‘Ooo yes! We do.’ She seemed keen to strip me once more and then make contact with my tits all over again.

She bought back a really sheer black bra. Very glamorous. And repeated the exercise of fitting and caressing. It felt almost too good.
‘I’ll take this one’, I said. And turned to admire myself in the mirrors. She followed my movements, with a half open mouth.
‘Could you help me take it off?’ I was teasing the poor girl. I wanted to see how quick she would be on my tits, again. 2 seconds!

I looked at my watch. ‘Shit! Is that the time?’ I had been in there ages longer than I expected. My boyfriend would be waiting and he gets very irritable, when I am late.

‘I have to rush. Can you wrap it for me’, I said as I reached into my bag and gave her my credit card. When I was dressed and back in the shop she handed me my new bra, almost lovingly wrapped and credit card slip to sign. As I rested the slip, on the counter pad to sign, I wrote my name and phone number. I did it without thinking. I was curious to see whether this slim brunette would follow up on the lust I saw in her eyes, when she was over familiar with my tits. Well I should know myself by now, that I am so curious, always wanting to know this or that, that I would inevitably want to see what lying with another woman felt like.

Now I really had to run! Almost 20 minutes late and he could be quite vicious when he was angry.

Some days later, I was having coffee with one of my friends... And yes, the date with my boyfriend hadn't gone too well...
Suddenly my phone vibrated and a short text message arrived... "It's Mark, do you want a real encounter?" There seemed to be an element of demand, in those few words.

And I wondered what ‘real encounter’ meant - not meeting, not dinner, not date? I got curious and little excited. We'd known each other some months and had gone to bed a number of times and it had been lovely. Particularly when he lay over me and, clasping my wrists, held my arms straight above my head so I couldn't move as he took me. When I came he would clamp his mouth over mine, so my gasps and intense moans, would fill his lungs...

I wrote ‘OK’ and waited to see what comes next. Nothing, I was getting impatient and wanting to know. It was mid afternoon when a text arrived... ‘I pick you up around 19. Put on some extra makeup and pack a bag, with that tiny black number and what you need for a weekend. But no panties’.
Mmm.. So we are going out then, the black number was a slinky cocktail dress that he'd admired and I always use strong makeup, as some fashion models, so he maybe wanted me to look slutty... I did exactly as he told me, but made a mental note to ask why...

He came to collect me, told me that the makeup was perfect and "very slutty, but elegant" before we drove away, in his comfortable car. His words confused me and I forgot to ask why... I didn't even ask where we was going... While he drove he brushed his hand against my leg and the inside of my thigh. I was a bit excited already because of the novelty and mystery about all this and the idle wanderings of his hand made me wet. I started to feel that I wanted him, but had to wait and just got moister.
As his hand strayed around the tops of my thigh I found myself trying to wriggle into a position where he would make contact through my skin tight jeans, with my hot lips. I felt so naked and slutty, without panties... We played this unthinking cat’n’mouse game, while we were driving through an early summer’s evening...

The landscape become very open, with occasional groups of trees seeking security in numbers... I guess against the winds that must rip through here in the winter months. It was so exposed up here. Some lovely views and every so often as the road turned westwards, we were rewarded with a glorious sunset. It was a picture, that kept reminding me that it would soon be bed time... Eventually we came into more wooded areas, until the road was surrounded by a mysterious forest and the night had descended almost like a curtain, because no light got in here. At a little cross roads, we went left. A thin grassy border was spiked every so often with a white post and through the trees I could see a country house that probably had about 20 bedrooms. Pretty soon were turning up a drive with gravel, that made that nice ‘rich’ noise when you drove over it. I could see a building that must have been 200 years old. Stone built.
It was a pleasant hotel and quite tastefully decorated to reflect its age. The chairs were all comfortable old leather, pictures on the wall of hunting scenes or remote landscapes. The staff wore those old fashioned black and white uniforms. I couldn't help wonder what the chambermaids wore. Most modern hotels use only those horrid plastic overalls.

‘Room 17’, he said to the desk clerk and took the key.

The large low bed had 4 short posts, with round wooden finials on top. Small to start with, but widening quickly to about 6cm wide. He saw me looking and smiled.
‘Just right to slip you onto. I could stand in front of you and feed myself into your mouth, as you wriggled on the post’, he commented, quite casually. And I looked again at those posts. Could it be done? Want he to do that to me? My pussy just got much wetter and my mind got very unsure about where this ‘encounter’ might go. But I didn't really care, any more...

He'd wandered round the room and stowed our bags. When he hung up my ‘black number’ he appreciatively stroked its fine sheer material...
‘I’m so glad you bought this’. And then he came over and held me close, pressing me to him. Our lips came together in a long exploring kiss. My nipples stroke against his chest, firm and ready to be teased. His cock bulge pressed against my belly and I was pleased, that he was so hard for me. His arms snaked around my waist, held me tight and then relaxed to allow himself to let his hands wander over me. My breasts, nipples receiving attention first. Welcome attention. Then - Ooo yes - he was caressing my sensitive bum cheeks, though my jeans and slipping his fingers down along the seam above my cleft. The other hand over my belly and down the zip line and on to press the material against my cunt lips, until the two hands met under me... Squeezing and kneading my hot body. I got keen to get my hands on his cock and was kissing him passionately.

He pulled away a little. ‘Strip off’, he said. It was sort of a brutal command, that I didn't mind in my heat. I stepped back and pulled off my tiny T-shirt. Undid my jeans, wriggled my hips to make them slip over my hips, exposed my naked wet pussy and let them fall empty to the floor. There I was, completely exposed before my man.

’Good girl, no panties... I bought some toys the other day, got bored with the old ones’, he said with a big smile. He knew I enjoyed using toys and I didn't know that this was heading towards, being used BY toys!

Pointing to a bag by the chair, ‘Take a look’.

I squatted by the bag and looked inside. My arse must have made a pretty picture because he followed me over and crouching behind me was massaging both my oily holes, as I looked in the bag.
I saw some stuff I recognized, like a meaty dildo that is quite wide and three or four new rubber dildo like things, which was very wide and something floppy with a tube and a rubber bulb at one end. There were some little silver clip things and fine silvery chains and some soft rope.

‘Ohoo, so you’re going to tie me up then?’ The insistent massaging of my greasy holes, with occasional small thrusts into both was making me incredibly hot. I half turned towards him to find his cock stiff and swollen in front of my face. I didn't think. My mouth just opened, when I fall on my knees and I took his cock into my mouth and sucked and bobbed. His hands clasped my head and he began to thrust with his hips. My head stopped bobbing as he held me firmly in place while he fucked my mouth. Nearly choking I was rewarded with a flood of come, as he gasped his climax.

His come was dripping from my lips, but I did lick up everything as a good girl and he handed me the black dress.

‘Put this on. We’ll go down for a drink’.

I dressed with suspenders, stockings and my highest heels... Yes, I did brought them to fit my tiny dress and the slutty makeup... When he showed me a pair of special panties from the bag. Hadn't noticed those. They were of rubber and inside were two short wide poles!!

‘I’ll put these on for you’, he said as he knelt down in front of me. I stepped little unsure, into them and he eased them up my legs. He left them on my thighs for a moment, as his fingers massaged my cunt and arse... And my arse felt moist? Odd. Then he stopped and fitted the fat heads, into me and begin to pull up my new pants, until the wide dildos was completely inside me. I felt quite full and walking was a revelation!

He hadn't finished. He attached a little bulb to a valve on the front of the pants and squeezed it a few times. I felt this swelling inside my cunt. Gentle but insistent stretching. Now I felt full. Then he went behind me and bent me over a little so he could repeat the process on my rear. God. As he squeezed the bulb my arse began to fill and fill. Just as I thought I could take no more, he stopped.
But I hadn't protested. My young mind was confused, but very excited and ready for almost anything...

I stood, expanded to the limit, very hot, very wet and close to coming. I put on my dress and tried to walk, in the very high heels. At first very awkwardly, round then room and then it was downstairs for a drink. I thought anyone could see and understand... Sitting down in the bar, feeling soo extremely full and wet, was exciting and naughty. There were people all around us and I was close to the edge of a big orgasm.

We drank and chatted and he said that the pants were to warm up my holes for bigger pleasures... I didn't even ask what he mean, just accepting his word and hoping I could handle even bigger pleasures... We then ordered some food and ate, but when the dessert menu came he waved the waiter away. I was a little disappointed, because I love desserts.

‘But I want some chocolates’.

‘And there will be. For you. Back in the room I would want you to perform maid duties and to gently caress and strip me revealing my zipped leather panties. I will then let you lead me to the shower room and undo the zip - remove my pants sucking on me as you slip them down my legs. Then you will stand me in the shower and run water over me cleaning me ready for you. You would remove the shower head and gently insert the shower pipe into me, to wash me out. When that is done, you would dry me off and we would go to the bed. Then is it time for your chocolate... You should first feed it into my ass. Then you lie on the floor, face up and I squat over your face, with my asshole right over your mouth... And I expect your tongue to go deep inside and get the chocolate, waiting for you.’

My eyes were wide with wonder and lust. The huge dildos, were keeping me in a state of climax and I would do almost anything. I only wanted to be fucked, tooled, toyed and whatever, till my juices ran wild and I could come.

I was so horny, that I could hardly walk upstairs and I tore of my dress in the hallway. Then I stripped him as ordered and showered him. The huge dildos, felt now as two horse cocks... And when he bent over I pushed the silvery tube into his hole and fed water in. I watched fascinated as he shot out the first brown liquid and kept this up for a while, enjoying the sight of the water coming from him.

I dried him off and we went to the bedroom. He motioned me to the floor and as I lay on my back he squatted over my face and gave me the round chocolate pieces, to push into him. Finally he lowered his arse down over my mouth, so my lips covered his hole and my hands were tugging his cheeks apart, so my tongue could get right in. I tongued and slurped and ate his chocolate till my tongue ached. His cock was so stiff and swollen again. I wanted that too.

He moved so his cock was over my mouth and I took it in. His face was over my cunt. I was still full of rubber. He let the air out and slid the pants off. I felt very empty all of a sudden. He began to tongue and nip me with his teeth. He sucked hard on my clit and I let go in a massive orgasm. I was awash with juice and my hips bucked against his face, which was buried in my pussy, as he sucked and drank my juice.

We lay for a while, before he got up. Still hard, he lifted me onto the bed. Face down. Legs apart. I felt him tie my ankles and pull my legs wider, so they could be tied to the posts of the bed. I really liked that feeling... He shoved a big pillow under my belly, to lift my horny arse high into the air. Then taking my wrists he repeated the exercise tying them to the other posts.

He left me for a little while and I could hear objects being sifted through. He was in the bag again. Looking for something to use on me. I was hot with anticipation and a little scared. He came back and began to work his fingers into my cunt bringing juice out of me making me tingle and wriggle against the silky ropes (I had forgotten those) which suddenly made me feel very vulnerable and that made the excitement more intense. Then when I was feeling very open and very wet he slipped something soft, but very wide into my hole and I could make out a faint hissing noise, as it grew even bigger inside me. And it continue to grew, so I felt extremely expanded (and delicious) and finally I felt OOOO so full that I couldn't bear any more... But it was exquisite torture, of both lust and pain, so I didn't say a word in protest.
But he stopped and begun to fuck the giant invader, in and out of my cunt... It felt almost as big as a baby and when he gave my cheeks some hard smacks, I came again. I heaved against my bonds, my cunt clutched the dildo and the air in my lungs felt like fire.

Then he stroked his finger along my bum cleft. Pausing every so often against my arse hole. Nicely stretched, I should imagine, after being soo expanded for several hours. He put something cool on my hole and his fingers gently worked into me and probed. Each finger slipped in easily. Then he lay over me and with the giant dildo still expanding my cunt, he pushed the swollen head of his cock into my arse. Pausing for a minute, he pushed the rest in until his belly rested on my cheeks. I found myself bucking up to meet his thrusts as he poled me furiously in my bum hole. His breath coming in hot bursts across my shoulder then he jerked right up as far as he could go and shot his load deep inside me!
He lay panting and I was getting hot again and ready to come. Every thrust of his cock in my arse, had made my cunt very aware of the huge dildo inside it. As he went limp he pulled himself out and kneeling in front of my mouth I sucked him dry. His hands over my bum massaged my hole and pushed something in. I felt my muscle tense against it and stretch and it was just too much and then the release, as it went past with a plop. He had put a big fat plug in me.

‘Shaya’, he said. ’If you want more. Put you tongue out for some chocolate’.

I already had my tongue out. The bag he had bought was full of stuff. I wanted him to use me with it... With it all and I suddenly wonder, if I couldn't ride those bed post poles now?!

Part Two

I was released from the bondage and felt extremely full... I moved slowly, as in amazement... My bum clutched, at the plug nestled in there and my cunt was sensitive to the huge dildo, still firmly shoved inside me and expanded to maximum... But I didn't complained!

He knelt on the bed, his firm bum cheeks and dark hole presented to me. Without thinking I was behind him, with my face pressed against his bum cheeks and my mouth on his dark hole. My tongue darted out and began to push its way into his bum. I licked and sucked and tongued his hole and he grunted in pleasure. The warm feeling in my belly was growing again. Tonguing him was making me so horny, so hot. My hand slipped from his cheek and around under him to his cock... It was massive and swollen... My fingers clasped it and started to pump up and down. I could feel him getting closer and closer to the edge and it suddenly came over me, that I wanted his cream too!

I turned over so I could get my face under him. My fingers pumped his cock and I got my lips around the swollen head, just in time to receive my cream. I could feel the pulses of his cock, as it pumped out his cream down my throat. I was letting him use my greedy mouth, as if it were my cunt or arse! When he was over I sucked him till he was completely empty, not wanting to give up my prize for being a good girl.

He pulled himself out of my mouth. I must have been sucking still, for his cock made a "pop" sound, as my lips finally released it.

‘Stand up’, he said, as he got off the bed. ‘Go and stand by the post there’, he pointed to one of the posts at the foot of the bed. I had noticed them when we had come into the room. The posts at the foot came almost up to my belly button. The tops were shaped like an onion and the end point was rounded off. At the widest part of the ‘onion’ it was about 6cm diameter, then it tapered off before it joined the post proper. And the post itself, was as wide as my fist.

I found myself with my hand on the onion. Running my fingers over it and realizing that my dildo, actually felt bigger... That thought made me shiver of lust and I didn't dream of letting out the air...

He had gone back to that bag and was selecting something from it. He turned as he stood up. He had what looked like big hand-cuffs made from leather!

‘Turn around’, he said.

I did as I was told and presented my white firm bum cheeks to him. The black base of the fat plug, must have looked delicious in contrast to my skin. I cheekily pouted my bum out towards him. Inviting. He knelt down and put the cuffs around my ankles but didn't join them together. Then he pulled the plug out of my bum. I felt my muscle ring stretch again as its really fat part passed through me. And now I felt empty again, in spite of the huge dildo in my cunt..

Turning me round he squeezed some jelly into my hand.

‘Put some of that onto the bed post’

As my little hands massaged the jelly over the onion-top of the post, it came to me... He was going to put that post into my ass! The thought of it, made my cunt go slippery wet around the dildo. My hands almost lovingly rubbed the jelly in. He squeezed some up into my bum and it felt cool and moist and I was aware of my cunt wanting to be fucked again. My clit was also swollen. I so wanted it rubbed. I wanted to come and I could feel a deep stirring inside me.

Suddenly taking me by my arms, he turned my body round and half lifting half pushing, had my empty hole over the onion and then brought me down onto it. Oooh God, my arse made contact with the wooden invader and then started to open. How far in was it? I could feel my bum opening and the stretching was... Oh! Then release. It must be inside my arse. I wriggled... Mmm sure was!

He knelt down and clipped the ankle-cuffs to the foot of the post. Then he put a belt around my waist, again of leather ( I hadn't noticed that) and then clipped chains from eyelets in the belt, to eyelets in the ankle cuffs, making my legs bend. Now I was locked! Squatting over a solid wood bed post, with the fat top screwed into my arse!
I found that without thinking I was moving up and down, to relieve the strain on my leg muscles, so I was in fact arse fucking myself on the bed post!
The big onion head, was forcing me wide open and then slide inside, open and slide inside.... It was too much for my swollen cunt and I came, shaking in my bounds... Juice was oozing down my thighs, from around the dildo and I felt both extremely full, satisfied and weak...

All the while he had been standing, watching me. His cock once again swollen and excited. I could make out the pre-cum around the eye hole. It glistened and I wanted to put my tongue in to get it. I felt sex crazy... He stepped toward me and took my hands and put another pair of leather cuffs on and jerking them behind my back, he clasped them together. Now I was completely helpless.... He could do anything to me. And there was still a lot of stuff in that bag!

Without warning he took the dildo from my cunt. My swollen cunt lips released it with a squelchy noise and the juices bottled up inside me began to trickle down my thighs. My clit was swollen to something like a little pink bullet and very sensitive to the slightest touch. He put his hand under my belly and taking my clit between his fingers slipped something hard around it. Wow – was like an electric shock. It made me jerk and bum muscle squeezed the wooden onion. He got a little mirror and held it so I could see he had clipped one of those ear-ring type things around the base of my clit. It looked pretty and my cunt lips were huge! I could also just make out the shape of the onion held firmly in my bum hole and I found myself wriggle a bit to watch it slip inside and then come out again.

He went to the bag and came back with some rubber. It was a hood. No eye holes just a gash for my mouth and nose. He fitted it over my head. That was the last thing, I was allowed to see, for some time.

I could feel him undo the clips that held my waist to my ankles and he lifted my off the onion. I felt very empty now. And suddenly exhausted. He led me to the bed and lay me down. My hands were still manacled together at the wrists and now he joined my ankles together. I felt the sheet pulled over me. This was to be how I would sleep.

Some time later I woke. The hood still over me. My bum ached, to be filled again? My cunt was being teased by the clit clip he had fixed there. It is amazing how the senses become heightened when you can't see and my hearing was muffled too because of the hood. I shifted position. He must have seen me.

‘Shall you be filled again? Do you want to be filled, Shaya’, he asked.

I nodded happily. I really wanted to come and come. This was new, frightening and exciting.

‘How many holes shall we fill? One? Two? Three?’ he demanded.

‘All of me’, I found myself gasp back at him, little muffled by the mask.

‘Please’, he said.


There was movement. I sensed there was a lot going on in the room. I felt every sense straining to get an idea of what was going on. What was about to happen. It seemed as though there was movement all round me. A little noises. Whispers? Could I hear whispers? Why would he whisper?

The sheet was pulled back and the sudden chill of air made me start. Hands took my shoulders and lifted me up and I was led to the bathroom. I was sat on the toilet and I relieved myself. Was he watching me? Did he see me pee and shit? My clit throbbed again and I open my legs a bit... The thought that he maybe had stayed and was watching, really excited me.

When I was finished, he let me go to the shower and washed me down. He must have watched then, because he knew I was done! Mmmm.

I was led back to the bedroom and eased onto the floor on all fours, with my firm white bum stuck up in the air. I felt his hands wandering over my bum, my belly, my tits. He squeezed my nipples, who was soo hard, erect and swollen. Through my hood I could sense movement. Then my wrists were fixed to something, I couldn't move them. My ankles were also joined to something and my legs forced apart so my cunt and bum hole must have been clearly displayed.

Only then did it become obvious to me, that there were other people in the room. I squirmed in strange delight and got deeply embarrassed, that strangers could see my holes. But it was also a great feeling... They must see how swollen and juicy I was. My cunt felt soo ready and open, to be banged. My bum hole was relaxed too and very ready to be stuffed.

I felt then many hands, all over my body... Between my legs, rubbing my clit and jiggling the clip jewely... Over my arse, fingering my bum hole... My tits and nipples played with... I felt cool jelly being massaged into me. I was feeling horny, incredible horny and little frightened. But at the same time wishing, that someone would fuck a hand deep inside me and fist my holes... Who were they? How many of them? Was there only men?? My nipples tingled, my cunt ran with juice. My bum wriggled. Everything was telling them to fuck me. My body was communicating, in its own way. Screaming Fuck Me!!

My mouth was open. My breathing rasping as I almost was coming.... Just as my cunt started to spasm and my body jerk, was a hard swollen and large cock, shoved into my gaping mouth... Another big cock pushed into my clasping bum hole and begun to slide deep inside, when the ring muscle started to pulsate, in tune with the spasm of my cunt, when I experience a great shuddering orgasm... And my cunt? Fingers were forced into me, a lot of fingers. I could feel myself being stretched by a big male hand, as I came once again. I was suddenly very full, again and I was in heaven... I could feel the massive cock in my arse, pumping vigorously and my muscles was caressing the hard pole. I breathed hard around the cock in my mouth. Swollen, so swollen. And then furious pumping and jerking, as two cocks exploded and shot their load, up my bum hole and into my mouth.

After a few moments they pulled out. My lips lingering to clasp the meaty cock in my mouth, to get the last drops of come. But amazingly quickly I was full again! Another swollen cock, pushed its way inside my mouth... Another drove into my hungry bum. Before I could even register the great surprise of pleasure, I was sucking and fucking again. The big hand, wriggling deep inside my cunt was massaging me to another great orgasm. My body bucked and jiggled. My tits swaying under me, bumping into each other with my writhing. Again the pace quickened to a climax. My bum dribbled come. I could feel it dripping over my cunt lips. The hand was gone now. The cock had left my mouth.

Quick mental math. There must be at least five of them! And that bag, what was still in there?

I must have looked completely used. Chained on hands and knees, My head hooded. Come dribbling from my mouth. My body heaving as I regained my breath. Come dripping from my arse and running over my cunt lips and down my thighs. My white bum cheeks poking up into the air and my firm tits and swollen nipples swinging below me.

Now what?

I heard a door open. More movement. A soft giggle. My ears strained to get an idea of what might be happening outside my hood. And around my exposed body. Suddenly I was stretched out flat on the ground. Then lifted, still cuffed, upright. I must be chained to some kind of frame. I felt things being clamped to it. Stuff to make it stable I guess and stop me falling over.

I felt a body pressed against me. A swollen and ready cock slided into my cunt. And another body against my back, pushed a cock between my bum cheeks and then in my bum hole. Both cocks pumping till they filled me with come. Then two more bodies repeated this. I wriggled by pleasure, in my frame and this excited them so they came quite quickly. Two more cocks took their places and slided easy inside my holes, that must been drooling of come. I could feel their cocks squishing like huge eels inside me. And the cock in my arse, was really stretching me, so it must been huge... Was it a black bodybuilder?? Nice... I could sense them almost meeting... My cunt could feel the one in my arse, my arse could feel the one in my cunt. Another great climax and it was over. I stood in my frame, with come oozing out of my holes and trickling down my thighs. I heard the door close and then my hood was removed. I gazed around the room... It looked as tho a party had been going in. I noticed some girl’s pants, thrown on floor and I realized they weren't mine. Questions formed, but weren't asked, yet.

He stepped back and looked at me. My blonde hair matted against my head with sweat. My heavy make-up smudged round my eyes. Realizing I was being scrutinized I found myself stand up. I have straight longish legs... He inspected my round firm bum and ran his fingers along my back, that had that deep graceful arch that you see in dancers. All the while my scrutiny last, my breasts jutted forward, pink nipples standing to attention. My swollen cunt lips resting beneath my tidy golden bush. I was proud to be his toy.

‘Are you hungry?’

I nodded.

‘Want some chocolate?’

I nodded.

Later in the shower, he was washing me and a large soapy sponge caressed my curves. Along my back, over my shoulders and over my firm breasts... Playfully around my sweet pink pert nipples, down again over my firm belly and then through the gap between my thighs. He looked at me all the while, as you would a thoroughbred mare or greyhound. And it came to me that I had become his, to be worked and trained and looked after, kept fit and groomed for sex.


I shut my front door and flopped on the bed. It would take me a long time to come down from this. It was all new. My cunt and bum felt alive somehow and I was deeply aware of anything near them. I went for a relaxing soak. As I lay in the bath I recalled those girls panties. How long was she in the room? What did she look like? Was it her hand in my cunt, before the big male fist? How many of them fucked her? Was she better than me?

My phone vibrated and broke my line of thought.

I read the message... "Shaya. If you want to explore further and become mine, then simply send YES in reply"

My heart pounded of strange joy... My hands was shaking, but I manage to push the keys and sent – YES.

Part Three

He told me to meet him at a small hotel on the outskirts of the town. He had sent a parcel the previous day with a big black anal plug, that you can inflate and a note told me to "wear this" and some sexy clothes... As I sat on the bus, I was almost only aware of the huge plug... My arse hole really stretched around it, even if it's swollen head was buried inside my bum and it felt almost like an orange... But I wonder and worried, if I had pumped it up enough for him? He was sure to inspect it... I experienced lovely sensations, from my butt and they were tinged with the fear of failing him, for not expanding myself enough... I found the pump bulb between my knees and pressed it hard... Yes, the plug expanded me brutally and I did it again... The giant plug felt now as a grapefruit and I couldn't do it a third time... I resolved that when I got to the hotel I would try one or maybe two more pumps on the bulb.

The hotel, although small, had an aristocratic air about it. The front doors were big dark wooded heavy ones with frosted glass panes and the entrance hall floor was a lovely cool marble. The light shades were those from the early 1900's pretty glass and there were mirrors on all the walls, huge ones, that created a real sense of space and elegance. Through a door to the right of the reception desk was an intimate little bar area. Very old fashioned, very opulent, the seats were a beautiful deep red velvet and so soft you sank into them when you sat down.

He was in the furthest corner, reading a paper, smoking. A glass of rum on the little table. I approached him.

'Hello. Am sorry I am a bit late - the bus..'

'Next time make sure you leave earlier', he said. 'It won't do to keep people waiting. Especially when I have made commitments to them. So I must punish you, some way...'

I said only 'yes..' silently wondering, what people and how...

'You said you wanted more, Shaya. But how much more?'

I did wonder what he actually meant, but I replied... 'I have not reached my limit, so I really like to explore... And I let you know if it get too much!'

'I wanted you to come here, so that you know where the place is and you become familiar with it. It's a very special hotel. Small yes - but with lots of facilities. Some of these you may find out about. Others may be beyond you. But for today I thought it might be a pleasant diversion to go to a room and watch a video'.

I recoiled at the idea that something was beyond me - I was proud, fit, energetic and a competitor... So that part intrigued me.

He indicated that I should go to the door, he followed. We got into the lift and went to the top floor - 5th I think. The corridor was darkly decorated and I had the feeling a lot of money had been spent, the carpet was soft and deep. Again those little glass shades on the lights. Our door was at the end of the corridor.

Once the door closed behind us, he ordered me to strip. I was prepared for this and had made sure that my light clothes were soft and flowing over my smooth skin. My nipples had gone hard the minute I heard him say strip. They jutted forward off my pert mounds. Sliding the straps off my shoulders my dress slide down my skin to the floor... It looked like I was standing in a pool of silk! I had traveled with no pants, as he like and I had also spent ages on my back with my legs in the air trimming and shaving my bush, so that my cuntlips and hole were completely naked and easily displayed.

He could easily see the black rubber bulb and its little pipe dangling between my legs. Every step had reminded me that I was penetrated and I was still hot from embarrassment, because the bulb had been pushing out my dress in the back, in a rather strange way.

He told me with a big smile, to turn round and I did, but slowly so that I could show off my muscle tone and demonstrate to him what a fine "victim" he had. He pushed my shoulders forward, so that I was sort of half bent over. He pushed again, until I was looking between my own legs and could see the dangling bulb. I could feel his eyes assessing my arse hole and gauging how stretched I had allowed myself to go. I suddenly realized, that I had forgotten to visit the ladies and add a couple more pumps!

'It isn't as much as I had expected'. He said. He traced his finger around the expanded line, where rubber met my flesh. It made my heart jump. His touch had electrified my body and all I could think of, was that I wanted to be fucked... And any hole would do!

'You could pump it up a little more', I replied, slightly breathless...


'Please,' I said.

He took the bulb and as I watched from my lowly vantage point, he squeezed air into the giant rubber dildo inside my arse. I could feel how it got even bigger. Ohoomm. He gave it another pump... It was growing and my cunt was dribbling, I could feel it and see the slime... He gave it a third pump and I felt so hugely full, that I almost fainted. My clit was erect and swollen, my cunt lips soaked and my breathing was coming hard.

'That's a bit more like it. Stand up and go lie on the bed'

I did as I was told and walking was an amazing experience. Each step nearly made me come and I let myself fall onto the bed, facing the TV screen. It was mounted in a dark wood cabinet at the foot of the bed. I lay naked in front of it. The deep red satin sheets cool against my skin. The plug felt incredible big and made me shiver, but I didn't wonder why he wanted to expand my ass, like this... I just accepted it and enjoyed the extreme experience... He switched on the TV and then came round to the side of the bed. He reached into his bag with toys and took out some leather straps with silver buckles on. He took each of my wrists and placed them in the leather cuffs and stretched my arms out, so that the straps could be fixed to the metal rings mounted in the side of the bed. He repeated this with my ankles. I was now star-shaped. My firm body stretched out, my round bum poking up from the satin sea and from that the black rubber plug jutted out from between my cheeks. The picture I made in my mind excited me and finally, he gave the plug another pump... The plug felt sooo huge and I could only wriggle in my bonds, of extreme lust.

The video came on. A girl with a hood over her head, that had a slit for her mouth, was led into a room. At least 8 naked men, were in the room. But they was in the shadows, so you couldn't see any faces... One or two, seated in chairs and others sitting on the floor. Some had hard cocks already, probing out from their bellies. The girl was paraded in front of them. It was clear that they was careful to not make any noise, so the girl in the hood probably didn't know they were there.

She was eased down onto the floor, on all fours. The man who led the girl into the room was running his hands over her body. I could see her nipples shoot out, proud and ready to be caressed. The camera zoomed in between her legs and in extreme close up... I could see her two holes, her cunt was clearly very juicy and that sweet arse looked inviting and open. As I watched I wriggled because I was getting so turned on. I wanted to know what will happen to her and yes, to see her get severely abused.

Her wrists and ankles were fixed to a frame on the floor. Then the men came forward and added their hands to the ones used by the first man. Their hands were all over her. Fingers were pushed into her cunt and arse. One guy went round to the front and pushed his cock in through the slit in the hood. He was in her mouth. My own mouth did open, as I watched. One guy with a large swollen cock, pushed its huge head against her bum and it went full length into her hole. Ah, she had some experience... He began to pound her arse and my butt jerked in rhythm. The fingers caressing her body became invaders and sought out her cunt. Her lips were pulled apart and fingers stuffed into her hole. I could see her writhing. The guys shot their loads and the camera zoomed in to show their come dribbling out of her. Their places were taken by two others. And now one slid under her and pushed his cock into her cunt.

Then a elegant metal frame was put into the room and the girl was hoisted up into it. As soon as she was in place a guy with a huge cock went behind her and shoved himself into her. Another guy took position in front and did the same - I could imagine those two cocks nearly meeting inside her. He came quite quickly and pulled out. A young woman I hadn't spotted before, was led forward. She still had a pair of sleek shiny black pants but I could see from the rest of her body that she was slender, elegant and had gorgeous tits that sat just right on her frame. Her nipples stood out. She must have been watching the girl in the frame, for some time. Now she was being given the chance to use her. She seemed very pleased and excited. She was pushed down onto her knees in front of the hooded creature and pushed forward until her face was under the other girls cunt. The come that was dripping out of her, started to land on the girl's face and her wide open mouth... Her tongue slid out and into the other's cunt. Then her generous lips, firmly fixed themselves around the girl's cunt lips and she began her work. Moments passed and the girls hands that had been easing the others thighs wider, started to move towards the sloppy cunt... Then she suddenly pulled her mouth away and she fucked one of her hands, deep inside the other girl and began to pump her. All this time, the girl was being arse fucked in the frame and the camera cut sometimes, to the huge cock sliding in and out. Ohh god, I got so wet watching this. I wanted him to take me, use me, do something to me. The lucky girl in the frame, was fucked by all the men several times. They took a little break leaving the girl in the frame and the camera panned around her body. There was still come around the slit in the hood. Her cunt lips were swollen and her clit stood up massively. Her hole seemed full of come and it dripped out of her. Panning round to her bum, it was clear she was nicely opened up and come was dribble from her arse and down her thighs.

I suddenly realized that the girl in the frame, might be me... It was probably me and I was strangely proud, that they (possibly) filmed me... The extreme lust, simply made me stupid and that was also a sexy feeling... I was actually a stupid anal slut...

Then the camera went across to the other girl again. She was now naked and fitted with a leather collar, that had rings around it. She too had wrist and ankle cuffs. One of the men took her by the collar and led her to a tressle (like the ones wood-cutters use) and chained her face down to it. The camera went round to her bum, waiting for something to happen. A big black plug, with a little rubber tube leading to a black bulb (exactly like mine I thought) protruded from her arse. I felt happy for her... The guy returned and pulled out the plug - I gasped as I watched - it was fantastic big! Two others massaged jelly into her bum and cunt. The guy rubbed jelly over his hands and then set to massaging her bum hole, inserting three or four fingers as he did. At her other end a guy had stuffed his cock into her mouth and was fucking her properly. He forced the big cock, deep down her throat and his balls banged against her face with each thrust. By now I could see that the guy was going to put his fists inside her bum. My god, I wanted to be in that girls position... He kept working on her expanded asshole and she wriggled and writhed, as he did so. After some time I watched fascinated to see his hands go deep inside her bum and start to pump her. I came with a loong shiver. I couldn't hold it any longer. I had been rubbing my swollen cunt lips against the bed sheets as I watched. I let out a low moan of lust, to clearly indicate that I wanted the same as the girl. I kept watching the girl. Her body was lean and sleek, her breasts and bum cheeks full and rounded. She looked graceful and sensual. I was soo jealous of her. And I found myself jealous of what she could do. By now she was being fucked as well.

When the three men had finished with her. Another man came over with a camera and some objects. A large bottle, an aubergine and a rather small melon. Each of these was slowly stuffed into the girl's bum and a burst of photographs was taken. Before each shot, the video did a close up. And the image was extremely exciting and scary, at the same time.

The film ended then. I had made myself come twice, while I had watched it and the second time was when the girl was stuffed to max...

'I thought that you might have been interested to see what you looked like, that night at the hotel' he said. He paused, waiting for that information to sink in.. 'Would my Shaya like some more?'

'Mmm,' I mumbled.

'Mmm what?'


'What shall we do with you?'

'I want to be the best'. I found myself say in reply, whatever that meant... 'Please SIR!'

'Please Sir'

Moving to the door he went out leaving me spread out on the bed. He had left the door ajar. I felt exposed, vulnerable, helpless. But then another thought entered my head, from where I don't know... I thought that I must look ravishing. Beautiful satin sheets, lovely firm white flesh, pert bottom stuck up in the air and the contrast of the big black rubber plug, that expanded me so good...

The giant plug and my exposed situation, made me wriggle my cunt into the sheets again and when I come once more, the door was pushed open... A group of silent men and women came in... A few of them smiled and I recognized one of the women...

Part Four

Back in my flat, lying in my bath. The day had been terribly hot and sticky. Heat had the effect of making me aware of my body – damp and clammy and sticking to my clothes. As soon as I had shut my door I had ripped off my clothes and ran a deliciously cool bath. I wriggled in the water to get the wavelets to run over my firm belly and pert tits. As the water was cool, my nipples stood rock hard on top of my firm full breasts. I smiled as I looked them over – no hint of sagging there.

I thought of my stay in the hotel and even below the water I was getting ‘wet’ as I relived the experiences. Just then I was startled out of my reverie, by the vibration of my mobile. A text message!

‘That the shop-girl’, I thought as I read the message. She wondered politely if I might come for another fitting.

‘Why not?’ I felt mischievous and sent her a reply saying that I would come by when it was quiet, so she could give me plenty of attention. I hoped that she would catch the hidden message I was sending.

Twenty seconds later, if that, came a reply that said that the shop was only open for ‘special customers’ on Thursday afternoons. Would I like to come at one? ‘That would be nice’ I sent and I added ‘and I need to be fitted for some new panties too’. As I licked my lips, I put the phone down and continued with my soak.

Well, Thursday was a few days off and I had been told by my man that we were to go to a farm in Picardy tonight, as he wanted a change of scene and Paris was so hot. His business hadn't been so good lately and he wanted to go somewhere to unwind and wanted me to be his distraction. Mmm – a farm. I thought of romps in the hay.

I was sitting on the bed and gently massaging skin cream over my body I was in the middle of paying special attention to my full firm breasts, teasing my pert pink nipples between my fingers. Again my phone purred. It was my man. Instructions for the night. I finished my pampering as I had to be ready to go in an hour!

Letting my bathrobe drop to the floor, I wandered about my flat naked collecting the bits and pieces of clothing I might need.
My tummy curled lustfully, at the though of next step... I must first obey his instruction to wear the smooth rubber panties he had supplied... They was fitted with 2 fat inflatable dildos and I must naturally wear them as inflated as I could manage – he would check, I knew.
I lay on my back on the bed, with my long legs spread and worked the short probes completely into my cunt and arse. Then I squeezed air into the dildos alternate squeezes – back then front then back and so on, until I really felt amazingly full... Then got the bulbs some more pumps... The great feeling was strangely addictive and being extremely stretched, made me tremble of lust... I know I could pump little more, just before our meeting, but I couldn't resist to pump two more times on each bulb and I got a deep shuddering orgasm... Then did I pump the anal probe two more times and it felt finally as I might burst some muscle, if I continue...
Standing on my weak legs I attempted to walk around "as normal" in my high heels... With some difficulty I could just do it. The two black bulbs swung, between my legs and caressed my firm thighs. My tight white dress, was rather transparent and I could see my erect nipples and belly button, but the bulbs was barely visible... I hoped with a shiver, that he will choose a more see trough dress, next time... I felt so incredible expanded and squeezed my nipples, trough the silky material... This expansion game and the extremely full feeling, was making me want to be really used. Really used.

The bell rang. I grabbed my little case and rushed to the door... I didn't want my man to feel he was being kept waiting. He was so insistent on punctuality. Lateness he regarded as disobedience. I opened the door and, without saying a word to me, his hand lifted my silky white dress above my waist, so he could inspect me. He ran his hand over my rubber panties to assess the swellings that protruded from my cunt and arse.

‘I see that you have been a very good girl, but I think you could have been a bit more generous with God’s free air’, he said. And with that he squeezed the bulbs that dangled between my thighs, two more times. ‘Oh Ah ummm’, I moaned as I felt the giant probes grow even bigger and expand my holes, almost insane!

‘Now we can go’.

I almost came again, when he pumped me and I confess that I wiggled my slim round ass, just to be more provocative, when we walked to his car... We drove out of Paris north towards Amiens. The road was quite empty of traffic being a Monday. He had made me sit with my dress around my waist as soon as we had passed the toll. As he drove he kept his hand between my legs and gave my ass bulb a generous squeeze, two more times. He could hear on my moans, that I was very close to my limit, but I didn't ask him to stop... It would naturally heal, even if I damage a muscle... I felt soon incredibly open and so very keen to please him.

Off the motorway and some 10 Km from the Picardy coast we pulled off the road down a driveway. Lined both sides with trees. It twisted and turned for about 2 Km until we emerged into a square through an old gateway. The farmhouse faced us. A central door with 3 sets of windows each side was set at the top of a small flight of stone steps. The first floor had 7 windows – they all looked very deep which suggested high ceiling rooms. The square was graveled and made a satisfyingly luxurious sound as we pulled in. To the left and right were what looked like outbuildings or stables attached to the house. This wasn't a ‘farm’ but more of a high class country residence.

Inside the front door we were met by an old man. The owner. He was stocky and dark, going grey in places and he had a large belly that flopped over his waist band. His clothes were of a superior cut, but he had managed to destroy any elegance that they might have afforded him. He had a strong smell that he had tried to mask with eau de cologne and his breath was noticeable. He took my man by the arm and led him off to one side, I detected that all was not too well, but after a lot of head shaking and whispered debate they both returned.

‘I will show you to your room. Follow me’.

We were led across the stone hall-way. The walls were painted white, as was most of the place. It gave it a cool atmosphere. The ceilings as I suspected were indeed high and the lights were those pretty glistening chandelier type – gilt and cut crystal. We went up the stone stairs to the first floor landing – again wide, cooly painted. Our door faced the top of the stairs. My high heels making little clicking noises, as I walked and subconsciously I tried to make them follow a rhythmic beat, to avoid anyone noticing that I was having big trouble walking.

Yes, the inflated dildos felt now like two small melons and made me slippery wet, inside the latex pants...

At the door the old man left us. The room faced the rear garden. Sweeping green expanse with a small wooded area to each side. Near the house was a stable affair and a hard paved area. The room had a double door window with a little balcony with enough space behind the iron railings for 2 chairs and a little table. The room was painted white, lots of mirrors – almost floor to ceiling. A library case full of video-cassette cases. A large widescreen TV and of course a lovely big bed, with a mahogany frame. I noticed the onion shaped finials at each corner. Off to one side through a heavy wooden door was the en suite bathroom. One whole wall was a mirror.

‘Strip off’ my man said.

I stood before him naked except for my rubber pants. He took the bulbs and slowly released the air. He motioned me to remove these. Now I was naked. The air felt as though it was blowing into my cunt and arse... They felt so open. So ready.

He turned to the library case and selected a video and put it into the machine. The TV came on and the film started to play. He took my wrists and led me to the TV. On the floor were 4 iron rings. He made me kneel in front of the TV and returned with leather cuffs and anklets which he put on me. Then he attached the trailing chains to the rings in the floor.

‘I want you to watch this film. It will enlighten you’, he said. I stared at the picture.

He had gone into the other room and returned with some things. I felt a cool cream on my bum cheeks and his fingers massaging something wet and creamy into my cunt and arse. I was longing to be filled again and almost said he needn't have bothered with my front, as I was already very wet and my pink labia were swollen and excited. When he was satisfied I felt pressure on my cunt. It was his fingers – no his hand. He was working on my cunt. Massaging then pushing then massaging again. I felt my lips being stretched and stretched and then a sudden give as his huge hand slide deep into me. Inside, it didn't feel just like a passive but engorged dildo stretching me – his fingers were alive and they wriggled and stretched me. My juice was running down the inside of my thighs as I pushed back to receive his thrusts.

On screen I saw a young teenage girl, being led to a rounded "A" shaped box. She was completely naked, with very light skin and the box was covered in something soft - possibly velvet. She was stretched over the box, by a man and an elderly woman. Her wrists and ankles were secured at the bottom, with her sexy round ass on the top. The camera moved in closer and around to her rear. The young girl was shaved or still hairless and her slit was shiny wet... The old woman dipped anyhow her hand into a bucket of oily looking stuff and started to work this into the girl’s cunt. As my man’s hand worked between my tender and swollen cunt lips, the old woman’s big hand was soon disappearing in and out of the little girl. It looked deliciously obscene. I suddenly became aware that my man was keeping rhythm with the woman. My come was building. My back arching and I pushed to receive his hand deeper into me.

The old man returned. He had a donkey on a length of string behind him. He brought it round to face the girl and the old woman. The hand was taken from the girl’s cunt and the woman went over to the stables and returned with another teenage girl, who was chained with iron cuffs. The young girls could been sisters and had a very innocent look, with long golden blonde hair and pink nipples... She was positioned under the donkey and ordered to kiss and massage his cock. She seemed to obey with delight... After some minutes it sprang out from its sheath. It was long, about 6cm wide and had a big flange round the head. It was mostly black but pink in places and mottled. The old man watched the girl’s efforts and when he judged the time was right, he motioned the donkey sideways, until it was standing over the youngest girl... The front hooves were separated from the girls head, with help of a strong wooden fence and the other girl was then ordered to feed the donkey’s cock into her little sister. The camera moved in closer, so that I could clearly see the girl’s cunt lips stretched incredible wide, as the donkey’s cock head entered her. The donkeys giant cock, looked amazing in the little girl and should hurt her... But the little slut, only moaned and groaned of pleasure, wriggling her butt... The other girl continued to stroke the donkey’s cock until he started to buck. At this point a torrent of creamy white thick cum sploshed from the girl’s cunt and she let out a cute gurgling sound, with her body bucking in rhythm with the donkey’s. They left the donkey’s cock inside the girl for a while and when it was removed, the camera showed her gaping cunt, so it almost filled the screen. I could see a sea of white froth inside her hot red cunt. Above it I could see the swollen lips of her arse pulsing - indicating that she was still coming down from a big orgasm...

My man’s hand was pumping into me and I came - squealing with pleasure.

He left me to watch more.

The little girl was taken off the box and positioned over the face of her sister, who now lay on her back on the stone floor. The donkey’s come, flooded right down in her wide open mouth and she put her hand into the girl’s sloppy cunt, to get more of the come and greedily licked her fingers. As she lay on her back the camera panned down along her body until I could see she had a huge inflated dildo inside her shaven cunt. The old woman took the girl and put her onto the box. Another donkey was led from the stables. While the donkey was being sucked by the little girl and his cock made ready, the old woman put her hand again into the bucket and began to work the creamy stuff into the other girl’s arse.

‘Oh God,’ I thought, ‘This is amazing’. I was shocked and little confused, to realize that the sight of the young girls stretched wide and penetrated deeply by an animal, had made me so excited...

I was wriggling and squirming. Trying to rub myself onto something to help with my intense need to come, once again. I wanted to be used or at least have something huge inside me. I kept watching... The donkey, was positioned as the one before and had his cock guided into the girl’s arse, as the old woman pulled her hand out... Yes, the old woman had finally been fisting the girls asshole and I was longing for the same... The huge donkey cock, was slowly pumping like a mans forearm, deep into the girls asshole... Her sister was now standing close and watched with open mouth, with four fingers twisting deep inside her cute slit... The giant donkey cock, pumped faster between the shiny ass globes and once again, the lucky donkey bucked and shot deep inside the girl’s arse. This time though, they didn't release her. The little girl was ordered to lick her out and she was allowed to use her hands to get the last drops.

A third donkey was brought to the box. The little girl worked with passion, on its cock while the old woman took out the rubber dildo from the helpless girl’s swollen cunt. The donkey's cock began to get hard and thickened noticeably. This one was clearly bigger and as it swelled, the waiting girl squealed with joy, this is what she looked forward to. The donkey was moved behind her, she groaned when the strange head stretched her to max and soon was the huge cock pumping in and out of her sopping pussy. The donkey was beginning to cum and her cunt made strange gurgling noises, as the cum began to squirt. The little girl pulled the donkey cock out of her and pointed the end at her wide open mouth. She couldn't get the huge head inside, but she swallowed as much donkey sperm as she could and let the rest cream her cute face. When the donkey finally finished and his cock began its retreat, she looked at me, who was watching and begun to lick up the cream, with help of her delicate fingers... I notice then, that she had tiny tits with big erect nipples and she seem to love donkey sperm!

She put the end of his mammoth cock next to her lips again, smiled at me and forced the soft cock into her wide open mouth. The donkey felt her warm mouth, on his cock and began humping slowly. She had to pull out the huge head, before it grow too big and moved to a position, with her ass high in the air, so she could get the donkey's giant cock into her tiny pussy. She guided the head, to her wet cunt slit and pushed back, so the head slid inside. The horny doney begin to hump again and about 6 inches glided into her sopping cunt. The little slut was in heaven, with that huge cock deep inside her stretched cunt. She was meeting every hump, with desperate lust and yelped, as a little pig... The video gave me a ring-side view of the whole affair. Soon it was unavoidable. The donkey came viciously and huge gobs of cum sprayed from her tiny cunt.. But the donkey continued to fuck the little girl and the massive cock made sloppy sucking noises, when it pumped in and out.... Giant plops of cum fell to the floor... The little slut, began to cum and after reaching a long shuddering orgasm, she pulled the still huge soft cock, out of her swollen cunt. It popped out and hung there still dripping. The little girls slit, stayed open and the crack of her arse was in a puddle of donkey cum. The little slut moaned still of lust, with three four fingers exploring her open slimy cunt. Finally, the camera moved in to give me close ups and cum ran slowly out the tiny sloppy cunt, trickling down her legs and making a puddle on the stone floor.

My man came back.

‘Did you like that film? Does Shaya want a little more?’

I nodded. Too exhausted and excited to speak. I should ask about the little girls age, but she might just be one of these girls who simply looked very young and she really loved the games, anyhow... But I did also wonder, how much she could take in her cute ass...

He stood on his knees, in front of the TV and let his cock slip from his trousers. It was swollen and the head purple, shiny and with pre-come on its tip. I had my mouth over it and was sucking. My head bobbing to and fro. Sucking him further into my mouth. Nearly choking. I could feel his cock swelling still further and then was my mouth filled with his come, before it slipped down my throat. And I sucked hard to get every last drop. He pulled away from me and behind him he had placed 3 huge dildos. Replica’s of the donkey’s I supposed.

‘So, you want a little more?’

He took the two that were a little shorter and went behind me. I felt his hands roughly part my firm bum cheeks and start to work jelly into my cunt. And my arse too! Then I felt the solid mass of the first rubber dildo push against my cunt lips. It was soon inside and I heard the plop and squelch as my cunt took its girth. Then I felt pressure on my arse ring as he worked the second massive "donkey dildo" into my bum. I found myself pushing back, to meet his insistent pressure and then suddenly "Ooohmm" it was in me.

I was actually very proud, that he could fuck in these giant dildos, that easy and was glowing of intense lust...

He walked to the bedside and picked up the phone.

‘Could you send some assistance to room 7 please? Thank you.’ He put the phone down and came back to where I was shackled to the floor.

A knock at the door and a girl came in. I twisted my head to one side to get a view of her. And then I realized, she was the older sister in the video! She stripped to reveal a taught firm body. She was shaven, to reveal the protruding meaty cunt lips and looked otherwise younger in real life... She could be 14 to most 18 years old... As she walked past my head I could see she was fitted with a huge anal plug, that separated her arse cheeks. And I felt a moment of envy... She carried a tray with several objects on it and I noticed that one was coloured pink and black, pink round the head and partly way down the shaft and then it changed into a darker richer colour before becoming black at its base... It was an exact mould of the donkey’s cock I had seen in the video!

My man spoke to her and she went round to my rear. Positioning herself on the ground she began to work my dildos, in and out of my cunt and arse. The rhythm was insistent and I soon felt myself giving way to waves of building orgasm. My body swayed and responded to her pushing. My come took me to new heights and I slumped then exhausted, in my chains to the floor. The girl took the dildos from me and began to feast on my come. I felt her head bobbing between my thighs and her tongue pushing itself deep into my cunt. I slipped into sleep.

When I awoke I was lying under crisp white cotton sheets. Light was coming into the room through the double door windows and streaking across the floor. The was a lovely cool breeze. I looked round the room – lovely big gilt mirrors on the walls, stripped wood doors and white walls, a little dressing table and mirror, looking up I saw that there was one above the bed too! Very decadent! I noticed that in front of the large widescreen TV there was a wooden thing I’d not seen yesterday. A post about a meter high supported a cross beam with 3 holes – the cross beam was split along its length. The middle hole larger that the two outer ones.

I slipped out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I caught my reflection in all the mirrors. I stopped and studied myself.

‘Mmm. In good shape’, I thought. ‘Tits sitting proud and firm on my chest, nipples pink and erect by the cool air, firm belly and taught thighs. My bum cheeks were well rounded and firm too’. I wriggled and wiggled in front of the mirror.

When I came out of the bath my man had returned. He took my arm and motioned me towards the wooden thing.

‘Kneel!’ he said.

I did and he lifted one half of the wooden bar. Put my wrists into the smaller holes. Then taking me by the hair positioned my neck through the larger one. He brought down the top bar and locked it. I was helpless and happy... He adjusted my kneeling position and height of the support post until I was on all fours facing the TV with my bum high up in the air. Then he took my ankles and fastened them into the rings in the floor, so that my butt cheeks were spread and my arse and cunt were open to view.

Behind me I heard the door open. The Maid had brought breakfast in!

My man lay on the bed sipping coffee for a while. Not speaking. Then he picked up the phone and asked for Abby and Sophie to come to the room. My head started to spin with thoughts.

‘I was disappointed in you, yesterday’, my man said. His words cut into me and I shriveled inside. I wanted so bad, to be the best for him. He continued...’You fell to sleep and Abby wasn't able to get the biggest donkey dildo into you, neither cunt nor arse would take it. So, today you will be trained . . . and trained . . . and trained until you can.’

When the girls arrived, a video was put into the TV and played. It showed a girl in a wooden thing, just like I was. Two naked young girls, came up behind her. It might be Abby and Sophie, but the video did focus on the helpless woman... As I watched the development I was juicing up and almost breathless, of excitement!

The video session, seemed to go on for ever and as I watched the TV the two girls worked on my cunt and arsehole. Cool jelly followed by incessant probing. I could see it all on video and the screen worked sometimes as a mirror, so I could see that Sophie, was the little slut... She looked only as 12 to most 16 and it felt unfair, that she could fuck that giant donkey dick, when I couldn't... The girls seemed to lovingly tease the woman in the stocks and I could see she was responding, as her ass jiggled around as the two girls rubbed jelly into her and then returned to their stretching and probing. Eventually one of the girls let out yelp as her hand finally disappeared into the woman’s arsehole. At the same time I suddenly felt myself expanded and something writhing inside me! The other girl was spurred on by this and worked feverishly on the woman’s cunt, until her hand too disappeared. And I felt sooo full. My whole lower body felt alive, as the girls hands wriggled inside me. They did really like to play with me and was sometimes moaning sound of lust... I was on the verge of a massive orgasm I could feel it building and building. Then release! Waves of the tumbling orgasm ran through me. My thighs trembled and shuddered with the power of it.

All the while my man lay on the bed watching, every so often he would say, ‘A bit harder. She can take it’. Abby and Sophie would immediately respond and work my body harder.

‘Sir’, Abby said. ‘I think she’s ready’.

On the video, the hands were eased out of the woman’s body and the camera was positioned to show her dilated holes. I looked on fascinated. ‘Is that what I looked like’, I thought. And the idea that I was so open, made me feel good. The cool air brushed against my openings and inside me...

I think we’ll take her outside then’, he replied. ‘You can take a little more? Can't you Shaya?’

‘Yes, please’, I whispered and I especially wanted to take more than Sophie...

I was then lead out to the courtyard and I had to admire Sophie... She was completely naked, except a huge black anal plug and she played almost all the time with a nipple or fingered her slippery slit... She met my glance and gave me a naughty smile, of pure lust...

In the middle of the courtyard, was a long crate and I was laid on it, at my back. My wrists were taken by the girls and secured in cuffs at each side of the wood. A frame that extended above the crate had very strong looking chains attached to a canvas sling that seemed to be the ‘ceiling’.

I heard one of the wooden doors being opened at the far end of the courtyard and heard the heavy sound of iron shoes on cobbles. One of the ponies must be going out. What a sight I must have made for the rider! My athletic body stretched out over this crate in the warm afternoon sun naked for all to see. I tried to arch and open up little more, both so the people would admire my body and to welcome the giant plastic cock...

The girls had moved off and I could hear low conversation. I twisted my head to my left and saw Abby kneeling under the pony. Her little hands working on his cock bringing it out of its sheath. It looked both terrifying, delicious and powerful. And I realized that they will fuck me with a real pony cock... She took the huge head into her mouth and her head began to bob, as she sucked the pony cock. I could see how her mouth open wider, as it stiffened and my cunt was dribbling. She was doing something I hadn't and she seemed to love every minute of it....

Just then I heard another sound and the ‘roof’ of the crate was being lowered. When it was about 20cm above my body it stopped.

‘Ready’, Sophie said. With that she went between my legs and began to feed jelly into my cunt and massage my hole with her fingers and then her hand. The sound of iron shoes came to me again.

The pony was standing over me! The ceiling of the crate was now arranged under the pony’s belly to protect me AND his magnificent cock, was resting on my belly as Sophie stroked it and covered it in jelly. My neck ached as I tried to look over my firm breasts at what she was doing. Abby led the pony back a bit and his cock slipped along my belly until Sophie could position the tip of the pony’s cock between my soaked lips. Sophie seemed in a rush to get the pony inside me and my man had to caution her to slow down and take her time, as he wanted to see me slowly impaled on the massive cock. Sophie slipped the pony's cock up and down the gap in my cunt lips a few times and positioned it for entrance. She held it there for a few seconds, then started working her way a little at a time into my gaping juicy cunt. There was a little resistance, before the head entered me about an inch and I could tell by the tightness of my cunt that I was being stretched to max.

The pony started getting restless, wanting to thrust into me and Abby stroked his back and flanks to calm him down. Sophie had worked two or three inches into my cunt and I was feeling like I was going to tear open. My man watched carefully for any signs that I might falter and reject this chance to please him. Sophie continued to stroke the shaft as she moved the huge cock forward a little more - and suddenly, the pony pushed forward another two inches in a great single thrust. I was nearly lifted off the crate with his power! I groaned loudly and it was a groan of pleasure at being so filled... But I started anyhow to rocking my hips, to lessen the depth of the pony's thrusts and then allowing his penetration to deepen only slightly each time. I had to ask Sophie, if she could take this cock and she answer "yes, but not this deep" with a cute angelic voice... Gradually, Sophie worked most of the animal's length into my depths and now he was allowed to start fucking me at his own pace. It was really hurting me, but in a very sexy way, when the huge head pushed deep inside my womb and the sling, prevented him from going any deeper. Suddenly the pony let go of his seed deep inside me. With my cunt completely full of pony cock, there was no place for his cum to go, except out... So it squeezed between his penis and the walls of my cunt and I could feel it pouring forth onto the blanket under me. The mental picture of me oozing pony cum from my full cunt, made me start to come and the lower part of my body thrashed beneath the pounding of my four legged invader. Sophie and Abby immediately scooped up some of the semen gushing from my hole body and covered my face with it, getting as much as they could into my mouth. Finally, Abby backed the pony up a little and his cock dropped from my hole. Sophie was ordered to lick me clean and I immediately felt her lips and tongue sucking and licking at my cunt.

The farmer, who had a video camera, looked across to my man. Expecting him to say something. Everything went quiet, except the slurping sucking sounds from Sophie’s bobbing head, between my thighs. I could feel her fingers and tongue pushing into my cunt to suck out the pony cum. When she lifted her head I could see white cream dribbling down from her lips.

‘Bring the others out too’, I heard my man say. With that there was the sound of more doors opening and heavy iron footsteps around me. I swiveled my head around to see 3 more ponies in the courtyard. The first pony was led forward and positioned over me. Abby immediate ducked under his belly and began to suckle the end of his cock until she felt it was stiffened enough to be pushed into my gaping cunt. Again I felt pressure on my cunt lips as the pony’s cock was guided to my hole. And then the sudden ‘give’ as his cock head passed into me. I strained to look along my belly and I could see the bump of the pony’s cock moving along it – back and forth. It was a glorious sight and it made me suddenly juice up and then – come explosive! I found myself heaving under the pony’s thrusts. My wrists and ankles chaffing at my bonds. I struggled to get him in deeper – I wanted his whole cock. I wanted my man proud of me. The pony suddenly bucked and lifted me on his cock off the box as he shot into me. Abby was ordered to put her head between my legs and she knelt down – her face must have been level with my arsehole – she must have been able to see the pony cock sliding in and out me. I could feel her tongue lapping at the pony come seeping out between my cunt lips. The pony was pulled out of me and led away – Abby remained licking and sucking on my cunt.

‘Turn her over’, my man said and I almost came, in joy... I was surprised of my reaction, but I was suddenly longing to feel these magnificent cocks in my flexible butt... It felt as I was trained for this special moment... Immediately the two girls re-arranged me in the sling so that I was face down. My pert tight bum stuck up in the sunshine, that poured into the old courtyard. I could see the farmer smiling as he captured my performance on video. I found myself wanting to see it – to see how good I was.

Abby was instructed to massage jelly into my arse. I felt her fingers and the cool jelly between my cheeks. Then her fingers at my arse ring pushing and massaging. I felt her stretching me... Fingers, more fingers and all her fingers, before I felt my arse open and her hand must have popped inside me! She worked on my arse for a while and every so often, put in a little more cool jelly.

As I was face down now, Sophie was told to take out my man’s cock. The little girl knelt in front of him and took his cock into her hands and stroked it. I could see him stiffen and she begun to suck on his swollen cock head, with wide open mouth. I was happy for him and enjoyed to see his pleasure... Sophie looked so cute and delicious, sucking on the big cock and I thought, it would be lovely to see him fuck her anal, when she led his cock to my mouth... I was to be allowed to suck him... My mouth opened in delight, when his hands roughly grabbed my head and he thrust his cock into my wide open mouth. He was going to fuck my mouth!

I was suddenly aware that my arse was empty. The pony cock, stiffened by Abby’s attentions was being guided to my arsehole. I could then feel the great pressure of his cock head and tried to relax, so my greatest anal experience could begin. And the potent pony, impatient to get into this strange mare, took matters into his own hands and shoved his cock deep into my arse, so I shot forward.... I was being "spit roasted" by my man and a big horny pony!

My man kept an even forward thrust, feeding his hard cock inch by inch into my mouth. I had deep throated before, but it was somehow different this time because I had no control of the situation. He was forcing himself on me, with whatever he wanted. I was handcuffed and couldn't do anything to help myself – but I didn't want to help myself... I wanted to be a good anal slut for him and knowing it was on video, I also wanted to be better than the others I’d seen. I was gladly at his mercy, while he force fed me his cock and prepared to fuck my throat...
He pushed further down until all of his cock was buried in the depths of my tight throat and I could feel myself gagging. He stayed there enjoying the feel of my throat gripping his cock. He gave my head little pumping motions fucking himself with my face, as he told the farmer how good it felt. "What a tight fuckin' throat."
It felt great and I was also enjoying the gigantic cock, fucking my jerking ass... But I was running out of breath and was afraid of passing out... He must seen the fear displayed on my face, but he didn't pull out. He stayed in my throat and fucked my face, until I moaned and whined desperately, making him look down at me. He pulled then out of my throat, so I could gasp some air and then he pushed his cock in again – straight down my throat and began to fuck furiously.

All the while, I was enjoying the magnificent pony cock, that expanded me to the limit and was fucking deep into my arse. The two girls were helping him to keep up a steady motion – fucking me like a mare. I suddenly felt a deep explosion, as the pony shot his juice into my asshole. As he did, he bucked and lifted my butt high in the air, completely impaled on his enormous cock. I was held down only by the straps around my wrists and ankles. As the pony subsided, my man began to swell in my throat and I could feel the onset of his orgasm. He shoot violently in my throat and I could feel his hot cum as it sprayed into me.

I could feel the pony withdrawing and his attentions was directly replaced by Sophie, who was told to lick me clean. I felt her eager hands on my firm bum cheeks, as she pushed her face and tongue into my gaping arsehole. She licked and sucked for what seemed like ages. Occasionally I would feel her slide her little hand deep inside me, to get the last drops of pony cum. After that I must have drifted into sleep – exhausted.

I woke some time later, in bed smelling fresh and clean. I ached between my legs and felt a bit tender. Putting my fingers to my pussy and arse, I could tell I was still a little swollen.... And I discovered with strange pleasure, that my asshole was filled with a fat anal plug... I pulled it easy out, on the fat part and it must be about 6 cm wide... So this was my future...
As I came round fully I could hear low noises and I looked in their direction. My man had little Sophie in the stocks, while Abby knelt on the floor in front of him... They were watching a video on the large screen and it was me, being put through my paces!
Seeing my man fisting Sophie's tiny cunt and being tongued by Abby, both stung me and made me happy for him.... He was after all looking at me and I begun fucking myself, with my lovely plug... Hoping he will take the opportunity to fuck Sophie anal, right in front of me!


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