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The 69 unique advantages, for a real slavegirl!

Note that some advantages will only be true with a very good Master, as me...
And that most red points include several advantages...

A slavegirl must naturally obey, except any hard limits... Or first get some real corrective punishment and then obey.. And that give you a very special freedom... Because you are never indecent or naughty, only amazingly obedient... And you can never be too shy, even if you might become deeply embarrassed and really blush, of the thrilling humiliation...
Which automatically give you a fantastic freedom from ordinary moral that first open a fabulous view to new exciting sexgames then force you to enjoy more & more advanced sexgames and give you the unique possibility to experience even deeper and wilder sexgames so you in good time can realise almost all your fantasies and naturally satisfy my wet dreams!
Then must a slaveToy, always welcome sex with delight and you may never hide your lust, according to slave law three... So you MUST simply enjoy this extremely delicious way of life!
The slow to intense slavetraining, will also expand your physical limits and give you a lot of excellent possibilities, to more & more juicy games... So you will soon live in a truly amazing dream of sex!
Any masochistic needs will automatically be satisfied, mainly by sexy "punishments" as normal foreplay and symbolic daily whippings, that follow your desires... And the fact that you must "beg sexy" for extreme games, sexy "punishment" or "max pain" whenever you want some, according to slave law three... Or more than enough by real corrective physical punishment, if you obey sloppy and not are a painslut!
The possibilities to be punished, will also spice you life with a thrilling excitement...
And you will always be completely forgiven, after any punishment and then often get some cuddle or sweet sex, if you like that... So you will become a fresh good girl, directly and you never have to feel any guilt, after the punishment, even if you been very sloppy!
My slaveToy will naturally get a lot of delicious and extra sexy clothes in four timeless classic styles, slave garments, special "bondage" clothes, lovely jewels, high heel shoes and many great toys... Even if you are sloppy and I often have to punish you...
You will also get many "naughty rewards" when you been an extra good slaveToy...
And very special ultra sexy "slave rewards" as elegant naughty tattoos, a special made collar, delicious slave jewelry and other exciting stuff... Mainly like "slave medals" to celebrate any big steps (clear advancements) in your training and they will also state a deeper level, as my slaveToy...
And every "slave reward" will make you even more interesting and sexy!
Then can I very easy make any rather sexy girl dramatically more sexy, in up to 74 different ways and a real slaveToy, can especially become extremely sexy... If we grade really sexy, as 100% may a slim young woman (with fine looks) be about 75% sexy... A young teenager, can then be up to 190% sexy, if she have some lovely qualities, as a very round out pouting ass... And some lovely young girls, who live for sex and really dress as delicious lolly sluts, can even be 240% sexy... But a real slaveToy can I easy become 260% sexy and a truly perverse slaveToy can easy become 333 to max 500% sexy... Calculated from a 75% sexy slim young woman, plus 258 to 425% more sexy details, which you can get and read about in the anal expansion part, plus in greater detail in the Slave Reward section... Yes, everything over 250% sexy IS naturally extreme and include some obscene qualities, that many people will find truly amazing or some totally disgusting!
Then will almost everything in life, automatically become thrilling surprises and exciting adventures... Because a slaveToy rarely know, what her Master thinks and plan for the near future!
A slaveToy is completely free from any hard decisions and the normal demands, to take responsibility for her self or others...
Then have we the lovely fact, that it never ever will be any annoying nagging, stupid quarrels or destroying conflicts!
And the unique security, that grow stronger every day... When the magic CIRCLE OF JOY make the slaveToy more & more valuable for her Master and she become soon a true part of him, his greatest interest and most loved toy!
Then have we all the delicious proof of satisfaction, a good slaveToy get when her Master is pleased... And the very special "slave rewards" after every clear improvement, which I did mention above...
The slaveToy and her Master, become also closer and more intimate, because a slaveToy simply live through her Master... So they get naturally an extremely deep relation and the possibilities, to really share the good parts of life, grows dramatically...
It is also very easy to get better habits, as a real slaveToy... Like stop smoking, get away from heavy drugs, control any excessive drinking, train your body to sexual perfection, diet and even keep a delicious slim weight!
A real slaveToy can also be very proud, over her special qualities and delicious ways... Who amaze and enslave ordinary men, in a dream of desire and make her extremely more attractive, than other women... And you should especially LOVE to be a delicious toy, for your Master's pleasure!
All this will naturally make you feel amazingly sexy, exclusive and truly delicious...
The slavetraining, will satisfy any deep inner desire for erotic advancement...
And you will also experience the delicate thrill of slowly becoming a more and more extreme living sex doll...
You can even become a world famous porn star (if you first look rather sexy) and singer (if you only can sound sexy) as my slaveToy!
Then are there many extra interesting aspect of life, that you only can enjoy together with me... As my unique and extremely delicious sport boat, my great collection of the finest films and over 50 highly interesting projects, if we include the books I want to write and films I will make...
And my nine slave laws... Give you finally a completely new great meaning with life, absolute stability and harmony, clear advice, work actually like a very easy hand book, help your self discipline and erase any hesitation!

A true slavegirls exclusive character

An exquisite inner lust, to be a real slavegirl... To please and make her Master truly satisfied, by follow his laws... And first, be trained to be his delicious dream... With help of her natural feminine instinct to serve and obey, plus more & more advanced slave training...
A strong need of sex, a sensual intellect and a perverse curiosity.
A deep urge of being dominated and maybe a masochistic desire...
And a sincere longing, to the most secure of all relationships.

A great Master

Yes, a real slavegirl live only for her Master... And her Master will actually be her future...
So he must naturally have some very special qualities, both for her happiness and safety...

The qualities, that make a great Master!
His greatest desire, should be to train you to his delicious dream... Give you more & more advanced slavetraining and create a true paradise, for a long magic future... He should also be a very creative man, who live for the beauty in life and really make his dreams come true...
Then must advanced Sex, be his greatest interest and he should really love almost everything a man can do with a willing girl, including cuddle & kisses... And it may be good if the most extreme, in sex and perverse girls, make him extra horny... Yes, he must also have a great sexdrive and need to play in some great way, every day and naturally force you to do everything he love, within your absolute limits... It may also help, if he specially love to "punish" a sexy willing girl, until she beg for mercy... Then, is it very important that he want you dripping wet (or very horny) and "only" want do the most advanced, you actually like... So your life really will be a wet dream, of more & more advanced sex!
It's finally vital, that he is a very secure Master, you ALWAYS can trust... Absolutely NOT a dangerous sadist, who only want to hurt you and even may damage you forever... The best is naturally a Master, who always listen to you and NEVER ever hide anything... And are sadistic, but never dangerous... Your training should then be a vital part, of his daily life and he must naturally reward, every big improvement and severely punish, any misbehaviour... A great Master, must also be fair, balanced, consistent, romantic in a mans way, very experienced and extremely honest... A real man should never ever leave you, as long as you try to make him happy and let him correct your behaviour... And definitely NOT play with you, just for some months and then look for something else... Other good qualities, are if he don't even drink, smoke or gamble and never loose his temper, so you really are completely safe, together with him...
I have this qualities and another kind of "master" can be very boring and extremely dangerous!!

Are you a young, slim and curious girl... You are naturally welcome to mail the director of EE films (who wrote above) if you really like some advanced sex and maybe want to be a real slavegirl... Just click here and tell me how you look, what you like most in sex, your absolute limits (that I always will respect) and the soft limits, that I may expand!

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