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The Wild Gallery - Marta - The amazing ANAL babe

Marta Pfeffer is one of the most advanced anal babes, in the world... And she
was about 26 years, even if she is a true Latina babe who look much younger!

Warning!! It take a very long time to expand your ass like this and remember, it should never hurt or
bleed...Yes, it is very dangerous to expand like this, in a few weeks... You need years of daily training, to
get extremely flexible and not damage the anal muscle...
You may click here to see how to expand safe!
But I have also met a very petite and extremely perverse Asian slavegirl, who normally have a 8 cm wide
shiny black anal plug, in her little round butt... And she only pull out the FAT plug, to show people how
big it is and grease it in (specially at public places) before she slowly fuck it back, with sexy groans...
And when she need to shit, fuck anal, play with giant dildos or let anyone fist her, at SM clubs!!
This thrilling pictures, are a gift from a generous visitor... See more info under the big pix...

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Wide open, just after some BIG play... But she can still squeeze a cock and be delicious to fuck anal...

Little Marta, especially love to play with BIG apples...

Then may a fat beer can be nice, to play with...

But Marta can even take a BIG bottle...

Yes, it's a 1.5 litre CocaCola bottle and she must expand for hours, before she can get that one inside!!

Some extra FAT fruits or vegetables, to play with...

Marta love to play with BIG toys and candles, too...

And finally get Marta a helping hand...

Most of this pictures was of very low quality and some took hours to fix... Yes, I did also
change some ugly yellow apples to green ones, but I did NOT adjust any hole size!!

Are YOU a slim girl, who love anal sex, with really FAT toys?? Then are you
naturally very welcome to write to me, about your anal adventures... And especially
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extremely delicious photos and even film your anal games, if you only visit me here
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