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Lovely Nicole Sassi

Nicole, our first and greatest star! She was only 18 when we made the films and a little bit shy, type she only moan, when she get very very excited... But she especially love, to dress very daring in public places and she get very wet... Many people say, that she look exactly like Kim Basinger (when she was younger) and that's almost true, but Nicole is clearly more sexy...
I think she is an incredible delicious girl, with her lovely tight round ass, extremely big cunt lips, dreamy wavy hair, generous lips and very high big natural breast... We did naturally film her in every lovely way and you will see a lot more of her, in the films...
She did look great, when she walk slowly through a park, completely naked under the lace dress.... But she look even more delicious, with a short leather jacket and just thin black panty hoses, as trousers... Yes, you can clearly see that she is shaved and there are naturally other people walking around, in the sunny royal park... Then it is a cute scene, when she suck a guy and he cream her lovely face, in another park... They do it on a low open hill, when people are walking by and you can see everything...

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I will never forget when I first met her... She was visiting the great summer festival, here in Stockholm and looked extremely sexy, in a tiny micro skirt... I could see her long slim legs, all the way up to her round butt and I was surprised, that I couldn't see her panties... She actually had a tiny string tanga, that was invisible in the deep shadows... Oh yes, I did then see everything a few days later and I am still angry on myself, that I didn't take the opportunity to kiss her incredible meaty lips!!

And this is still pictures (not photos) directly from the master tape, of Nicoles last film...
So you will actually get this lovely colours and views... And the film, look even sharper!

Welcome to Extreme Erotica films

Welcome to Extreme Erotica films

Welcome to Extreme Erotica films

You can click here eller här för Svenska... And read everything about
Nicole Sassi's first great film... Nicole & Sussi! "Young girls and Big toys"

Click then here eller här för Svenska... And discover Nicole Sassi's
second wild film... Nicole & Sussi LOVE TO PLAY everywhere!

Click here eller här för Svenska... And discover 47 high quality pictures,
from our third film... "Colette - The sexy black servant girl" film EE art C

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from the delicious film... "Sweet Sussie's Delicious Day" film EE art D

Click here eller här för Svenska... And discover 61 high quality pictures,
from our last film... "New great adventures, with lovely Nicole!" film EE art E
Which actually may be the best film ever, with this delicious babe!

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Silver and Gold dolphins
We seek sexy girls, for the delicious EE films
I film and take photos in a lovely "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious... See my examples... And I mainly film the games you like most, but you must also like 8 of 98 extra advanced games, to spice the story... Then am I extra generous and film in a cozy easy way, at luxurious locations, often outdoors and maybe as a nice holiday!
You must only be slim (max little curvy) from 18 and look as 14-28 with a cute round out pouting ass, sexy face, rather slim thighs (upper legs) and something xtra, as generous lips... You may then be short, dark or light and even two girls!
Click here for complete info, eller här för Svenska... Answer then with photos and tell me what you like most in sex, the most advanced games we may film and ask any questions - Welcome!

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