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Curious games Read sex magazines See web pictures Read stories Write erotica Chat - online or in forums Telephone sex Be private sexy (not nude) photo model Be sexy photo model Take sexy photos, with clothes Take nude photos Be filmed private, very sexy Film you, very sexy View web cams - with sexy acts See sex film See sex acts Soft games Feather soft teasing Cuddle & kisses Body massage Sexy massage Tickling Deep kissing Wank - play with yourself Petting - when you finger the girls pussy Secret petting with people around Public petting

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Nude games Be nude in nature Be private nude photo model Visit sexy theme clubs Little nude in public Don't use panties or string, for the sub Outdoor sex Nude in public Be nude photo model Be nude webcam star Be sexfilmstar

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Sexy deep role playing * Part 1 written for a Female, Submissive or Switch...
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Sexy deep role playing * Part 2 written for a Man, Dominant or Switch...
Be my sexy dream Be my extreme dream Be my perverse dream Dress like girl or woman Dress you like boy or man Be your doctor Be my nurse Be my sexy secretary Be my maid Be my servant Be my daughter Be my stupid bimbo Be my extreme slut Capture or abduct you Play my slave Be my perverse sextoy Be my dog Be my pony Be my cat School games Be my nun Play priest

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SM games * Part 1 written for a submissive or switch...
Be slave for a time Become a real slave in private Be 24/7 slavegirl Be 24/7 slaveboy Be kept in cage Live in a harem

SM games * Part 2 written for a Dominant or switch and with a willing partner...
Get a slave for a time Get a real slave in private Get 24/7 slavegirl Get 24/7 slaveboy Keep you in cage Get a harem

SM games * For both... And Dom's give and Sub's get following... Sexy petname Sexy orders, for the sub Embarrassing orders Visit S/M clubs Sexy public striptease - or with friends Fright - scary things... Feet sex - lick, suck, kiss, massage Dom's feet... Some humiliation Extreme orders by email Slavetraining by email Perverse public petname Real slavetraining Advanced 24/7 slavetraining Extreme orders, with extra advanced sex Perverse orders Private verbal abuse Public verbal abuse Deep humiliation Public humiliation Always some soft to deep humiliation Stay with other Master - for sub's training or fun Extreme 24/7 training Play rape Play gangrape...
Pain and wild pleasure Little spanking Bare bottom spanking Hard spanking Twist nipples Ass whipping Hard asswhip Always whipmarks Cruel asswhip - high swollen welts Soft breast torture - clamps or cloth pins Breast spanking - so they really wobble Face slapping Pussy whip Body whip Breast whip Nipple torture Breast torture Sexy punishment as normal foreplay Cruel pussy whip Needle play Ball torture, for sub men Branding - burn mark as a tattoo Strong pain Often max pain Cruel punishment as normal foreplay Always some to strong pain

Pee games - for the sub or a switch, when you play... Diaper Bed wetting Pee in pants Enema Big enemas Outdoor enemas Ass licking Public pants pee Poop games Poop in pants Public pants poop Use pot at home and never toilet Pee in subs wide open mouth Drink pee, for the sub Poop in subs mouth Eat poop, for the sub Train to toilet - who swallow everything... Normally use you as my toilet Normally be your toilet Puke Swallow puke

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