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We seek sexy girls, for the delicious EE films
I film and take photos in a lovely "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious... Click for examples... And I mainly film the games you like most, but you must also like 8 of 98 extra advanced games, to spice the story... Then am I extra generous and film in a cozy easy way, at luxurious locations, often outdoors and maybe as a nice holiday!
You must only be slim (max a bit curvy) from 18 and look as 14-28 with a cute out pouting ass (slim round) rather slim thighs (upper legs) and something extra, as generous lips... You may then be dark or blond, long to short and even two girls!
Click here for complete info, eller här för Svenska... Answer then with photos tell me especially what you like most in sex, your limits and ask any questions - Welcome!

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