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Most people say I look as 16 and I am 18 years old I like about the same age, older and much older I am mainly short, very slim and White
A very submissive female... Who like to please and follow, be used and obey... I'm bi and looking for male, female, couple, groups I seek Real long time relation, Sex meetings, Phone sex, Email exchange And like Soft, Ordinary, Advanced and Extreme sex

My name is Melissa... A submissive little slut, that needs to be dominated and deeply humiliated... I'm still in school and ive been shown that I'm a submissive female. This started out when i had to obey my friends for a week. The things they and others made me do and have done to me, now makes me feel like a slut. I first have had to go to school not wearing my panties and letting the non popular boys in school look up my skirt.Which was totally humiliating and embarrassing. I am now looking for someone who will instruct me anyway they want... I live in California, in USA and the closest big city is Pismo Beach Email me Last visit 010822 You wrote to this ad

Following is only 60% of the games, from the giant list, but most people may select a lot less... Most notes of this colour, is only comments and will not be visible on the real pages!!

The top sex games: Fuck anal, Extremely sexy everyday clothes, Wide open bondage, Sexy orders, Public humiliation, Hard spanking, Enema Want: Play rape, Nipple torture Games I truly Love: Showing off in public, Having outdoor sex, Suck cock, Lick pussy, Lick me, Suck & lick, Fuck in pussy, Cream in face, Sucking on public places, Have sex with strangers, Sex with young willing girls from 16, Fuck in big toys, Anal toys, Slutty clothes, Very sexy bikinis, String thong as bikini, Very high heels, Big boobs, Use a gag, Blindfold, Be stupid bimbo, Be your sexy dream, Embarrassing orders, Deep humiliation, Bare bottom spanking, Twist nipples, Pee games, Pee in pants, Big enemas, Public pants pee, Drink pee, Cuddle & kisses, Petting, Telephone sex, Wank Want: Orgies & groupsex, Pussy fisting, Anal gangbang, Anal mouth gangbang, Outdoor bondage, Breast bondage, Be extreme slut, Play slave, Be slave for a time, Be real slave in private, Advanced slavetraining, Extreme orders by email, Slavetraining by email, Play gangrape, Ass whipping, Breast torture, Sexy punishment as normal foreplay, Be photographed, Be filmed private, Be sexfilmstar And I really like: Drink cum, Fat anal toys, Anal expansion, Heavy pussy weights, Soft breast torture, Little spanking, Ass licking, See film, Write erotica, Read stories, Chat Want: Rubber clothes, Always slave collar, Get pregnant, Pussy and mouth gangbang, Almost always fat anal plug, Any hole gangbang, Perverse bondage, Giant boobs, Be your extreme dream, Be daughter, Be 24/7 slavegirl, Sexy petname, Extreme orders, Extreme 24/7 training, Private verbal abuse, Public verbal abuse, Always some soft to deep humiliation, Hard asswhip, Face slapping, Breast whip, Pussy whip, Outdoor enemas, Public pants poop Then I sometimes like: Girls fighting, Be nude in nature, Diaper, Bed wetting, Poop games, Poop in pants, Pee in mouth, Poop in mouth, Read sex magazines More: Max pussy weights, Nipple expansion, Painful bondage, Cruel asswhip, Live in a harem, Perverse orders, Needle play, Strong pain My soft limits, with games I may do for you: Be perverse sextoy More: Anal fist, Always some bondage, Intimate piercing, Perverse public petname, Always whipmarks, Body whip, Often max pain, Use pot at home and never toilet
My absolute limits, things I never want to do: Kid sex, Real rape, Sex only for money, Animal sex, Get ugly scars, Pussy expansion, Chastity belt, Extreme pussy hole expansion, Branding, Cruel punishment as normal foreplay, Always some to strong pain, Eat poop, Normally be your toilet, Puke, Swallow puke

Hmm.. The member have not done, the games after "want" and "more" yet... Remember also that a dominant, mainly want to do the games, with the sub... A submissive, mainly want to enjoy or suffer the games... And a switch maybe want to both get and give, the games!

Our Rules... This system is mainly automatic and we take no responsibilities, for what the
members write about them self... But we will delete any Ad's we find, that don't follow our
simple rules... So please click here and report any Ad, that write about... Any sex with
anyone under 18 years old, sex for money, business messages, sex with an unwilling part
(real rape) animal sex, any other criminal act and anything "not nice" about anyone else!

And when the second step is empty, will we also write...
That's everything... But you can naturally write a nice email,
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Following is the COMLETE ADVANCED VERSION of the big Second Step
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naturally many more advanced lines and (even big parts) included!

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Family I am single... Have no kids... And I don't want to become pregnant
Living I may like to move to some other country... I live now in a cozy tiny bungalow, with a fine garden in a nice area... I have a fine car and a boat...
Social life Social life I am rather rich... And I can offer you a life in luxury I'm a student... I have some high education... I would love to be famous... I am of a fine family... I vote... And are mainly blue oriented... The catholic religion is a part of my life... But you may have another faith...
Safety I normally practice safe sex... My sexual health status: I have something little... I can also test me, before a new relation... I sometimes smoke... I drink sometimes... I never use drugs... I sometimes gamble... I use the EE safety words, where the sub say "green" to get it harder or inspire some extra wild game "yellow" to get it little softer and "red" to stop directly and continue with something else... That work also as a secret language, for outdoor games... And I will always, respect my partners absolute limits.

This parts are created to 95% with help of the system, so you have
to write almost nothing - only select the right alternatives!!

Sex drive I want sex many times every day... I am always ready for sex... I use to play with myself or have sex with someone, three times a day...
favorite foreplays A romantic evening, cuddle and kisses, oral sex, anal sex, very sexy clothes, some bare bottom spanking, play with FAT dildos, bondage, public humiliation, lightly forced sex, a deeply humiliating order, pee and poop games
You should specially treat me In public... As a romantic princess, cuddly kitten, horny teeny, wet cunt, cum greedy slut, anal babe, lovely slavegirl, gangbang slut, pissloving babe, willing rape victim... And in private... As a romantic princess, cuddly kitten, horny teeny, too sexy maid (servant girl) wet cunt, cum greedy slut, anal babe, extreme slavetoy, pissloving babe, willing rape victim, perverse slavegirl, greedy toilet...
And how you can make great love, with me I want you to begin soft and end very wild... And I get most horny, if you play and fondle with my ass, anal hole... And then with my pussy, breast, nipples, upper thighs... I specially want you to spurt your slippery white cream, all over my face, on my lips... And sometimes, in my wide open mouth, over my breast, on my pussy, on my butt, deep inside my ass, in my hair... I would also love to get very sexy embarrassing task and some extra advanced order, every day... Both as slave training, obedience test, foreplay, only for your great pleasure... And often, be deeply humiliated, in front of friends and strangers... Then can you really abuse me, both in public and private, please... Type talk very dirty to me, play really naughty with my body, let me satisfy you directly, give me extra humiliating orders and even punish me... The most embarrassing experience, that I actually liked deep inside, was to show my naked wet cunt, in the stairs of my school... The most perverse game, that still made me wet, was when a drunk boy pissed directly in my mouth and to drink his warm pee... The most humiliating I really want to do, is to take a big enema before I go out and then just let it flood... The most perverse I really want to do, is to drink a lot more piss... And you can call me cute sexy things like: wild slut, babe... Both in public and private... Some sexy petnames, that really fit me: Teenyslut, Slutbabe But I also like cuddle and kisses, anytime... I may also do the games in my soft limits, if you really like...

More about my look
Length 158 cm... One feet is 30.48 cm and 1 inch is 2.54 cm
Weight: 42 kg... One lbs is 0.4536 kg
My face
I have long darkblond wavy hair
Medium size dark eyebrows
Big wide and mostly brown eyes
Medium size up nose
Wide mouth, with medium big lips
A mostly "V" shaped face
With strong, medium make-up... Which use to be teeny sweet, slutty, obscene
My body
I have medium size breast, which is very firm and high and real
I want Big Boobs, which is very firm and high and modified
My nipples are normally medium long
I have a very round and pouting bottom... With a very deep swayback
And slim hips
I have completely shaved pussy
My inner pussy lips are big and hang down 39 mm, without weights
And I have a very flexible cunt
I get very easy, so wet (or greasy) that it make my jeans oily
and sometimes so it drips down my legs
The widest dildo I fuck with anal, is 60 mm and in my pussy 70 mm
And I sometimes expand my inner pussy lips, with heavy weights of 500 gram
You might often, expand my inner and outer pussylips, with very heavy weights!
My legs are medium long, compared to my body...
And I have no tattoos...

Sexy clothes
I sunbathe always topless
I use normally a tiny thong, on the beach
I normally dress very sexy, in some way... Mainly sexy, teeny sweet, slutty... And then I often dress clearly more sexy...
And you can always dress me extra sexy, before we go out... First as punishment, obedience tests and slave training, then at special party's, holidays and finally anywhere...
The shortest skirt (or dress) that I sometimes have in public, ends so high that anyone who sit down, can see my pussy... And the shortest weekly, ends 2 cm under my pussy...
And I only sometimes use string or panties, under skirts and dresses...
Then have I often slightly transparent "see trough" clothes... Which show everyone my breast and shaven cunt...
I often use very high heels... Which use to be 13 cm high, plus the front sole.
I sometimes use an anal plug... Which use to be 40 mm wide...
The most sexy clothes I use to wear in town, is naturally my very short skirts and dresses, with out any string. It's great when people see my big wet cuntlips... Plus the anal plug of course!
And the most sexy on the beach, is very small thongs and see trough bikinis, that can't hide my meaty cunt lips...

Following big parts, is created COMPLETELY with help of the nice system...
So you don't have to write anything - only select the best alternatives!!

Anal ways I really like or want to try Expand slowly my ass, with wider and wider greasy toys... Fuck in a fat plug and then play with my big sexy plug, secret in public... Always expand my ass (except when I shit or fuck) with the widest oily dildo I easy can fuck inside... Until I always and easy can have a really fat plug... I can shit out the fat heavy plug, in your hand (under a microskirt, with people around) so you can fuck it back inside, over and over again... You can almost pull out the fat plug and slowly fuck my wide open asshole, with the biggest part... Or just check, that the plug really is greasy... See me change to a maximum wide dildo, before we look at films, so I stay flexible... You can first fuck my wet pussy and then anal... Grease only in your hard cock, in my wet cunt and fuck me then anal... Fuck me only anal and never in my pussy... You can do everything else, with my cunt... Fuck me anal, when we stand up (outdoors) and squeeze my breast (or twist and pull my nipples) while I play with my empty cunt... And let me sit in your knee, in almost the same position, with your big cock deep inside my ass... I can also ride anal on your big hard cock, with my arms secured behind my back, while you play with my empty wet cunt... And suck on your cock sometimes, when you fuck me ana... Even if your cock is very dirty!

We have a deep sex school, in EE plaza magazine... Who explain almost everything
you may like to know, about analsex and S/M games, plus many other things...
Click here to visit the sex school, who will open in a new window...

Some outdoor favorites Any "But" is "But not, so people really see" You may first dress me for sex, before we go out... Maybe in a tiny top... Or a short open jacket... And a wide "butt short" skirt... Or a sweet tight micro dress, that very easy show a breast nipple and often slide up, showing my wet shaved cunt... Or a very transparent top, that show everyone my naked breast... And you can always fondle and caress my round butt... Even high up, under my skirt... But... And squeeze my breast, trough my clothes... Even under the clothes... Adjust my clothes, so a nipple peep out... And let me take off my panties... Then can you play with my naked slippery wet pussy, when I have short skirts or dresses... Fuck me with two three fingers... But... And fuck my flexible cunt, with your whole hand... But... We can have a delicious "69" on a secret spot, in a park... I can also take out and suck on your big cock, when someone see... Until you spurt a lot of cream, all over my face and see me lick it up... But... Or in my wide open mouth... You may also fuck me, in any hide... You can pump up my pussy with a great dildo, that is secured between my legs... But... Spank my sexy butt, on a park bench... Remember that you always can take me to the nearest gateway, or behind something and do some "but" things... You may simply lift up the back of my skirt, when we walk, so anyone can admire my naked ass... You may also order me, to take off some clothes and show any part of my naked body, even on a crowded street... And even take off everything, for someone and slowly turn around, before I may dress again... I can have my breast in soft bondage, under a tiny top... And six heavy weights, between my legs... But... You can order me to play slowly with myself, whenever I wait on something... And naturally caress myself, when I talk about sex... And only talk very sweet and naughty... Don't let me adjust my clothes, type when a nipple peep up and my dress slide up... You can simply squash down a big chocolate ice cream, between my breast and film the flooding mess, when I thank you submissive... I can then pee myself, completely... Or poop a lot in my panties, with a naughty smile... You can spank my poor breast, so they really wobble around... But... Or pull and twist my nipples, extra hard and enjoy my sexy groan... But... I can fuck myself, with the biggest dildos I can force inside... But... You can also piss directly in my wide open mouth... But... And I will drink all your golden pee... But... And let you film my adventures, for EE film...
You can also play extra dirty with me, on wild parties I can have my arms tied behind my back, or at the outside of my legs... I can be completely helpless, in some wide open bondage... Give me a sweet perverse petname, that I must explain... Let me only talk dirty... Let me pull out and grease in my fat anal plug, before I fuck it back inside, with a moan... Let anyone fondle me... And even fist me... Let me suck your cock and beg you to cream my face... Fuck with giant toys... Dance with heavy weights... Have great anal gangbangs, with condoms... And even get severe whippings... Or breast torture!

My sexual history I was 10 when I really begun to wank, 14 when I had real sex with someone and 14 when I first enjoyed advanced sex... That game was to suck three of my classmates cocks, until they spurted all over my face and then swallow everything!

Remember that following part is NOT very important, because
very different people can be very very happy together!!

My Way I prefer someone who "complete me" think the same in many ways and understand me... I am very positive... I am very harmonic... I have strong feelings, but stay normally calm or cool... I am very creative... I have many talents I am very curious... I love to learn about interesting things... I have complete control... I love good jokes... I am most happy together with someone special and some very close friends... I love to talk about interesting stuff... I can normally keep a secret... I never talk about sexual partners, with personal details... I am rather active the whole day... I have sometimes a mess in my home, but in very good order... I am extremely honest... I am very faithful, but like adventures if that's completely ok... I am very open... I am sometimes shy... I am very very loving... I am also very romantic, in a soft and feminine way... I want to live only for my partner... I want you to decide, most things... I love to obey, my partner It's important that we can talk, sometimes... You are welcome to spank my bare bottom, if I behave bad... And you can spank my ass, so hard that i begin to cry - as real punishment, if I am sloppy...

More wild games I would love to get sexy "punishment" as foreplay! You can whip my sexy naked ass, both as foreplay and every morning... So hard that i really get some red swollen welts... And continue until i must give up and beg for mercy... And you can first warm up my willing bottom, with some hard spanking... Mixed with petting, between my legs... Until my bottom is completely red... I have been whipped so hard, over my naked ass, that - only spanked, yet - and still been wet... I prefer to be whipped over my pouting ass, with a long thin cane, heavy leather strap... And like it with a riding whip... And the best for whipping my poor breast, is a heavy leather strap... And I specially want you to "punish" my ass... And sometimes my breast, nipples, cunt... My favorite breast torture, is spanking You can also "punish" me, only for your great pleasure and extra hard, when something (not me) irritate you...
I can also be your too sexy maid (servant girl) or secretary, if you like very deep role play... I must then obey, with submissive pleasure and always dress too sexy, even outdoors... Normally with sky high heels, a very FAT anal plug and a special wide black micro skirt (or maybe tight micro dress, as your secretary) that clearly show my wet cunt or big plug, for anyone who sit down... I must then work very hard (for free food & uniform) and take care of you in every way, very often be sexually abused and get very humiliating orders (just within my absolute limits) play with giant toys (when I wait for new task) and of course be severely punished, for almost anything... And you may whip my sexy naked ass, every morning, after dinner and as foreplay, so I always have some fresh swollen whipmarks... I must also be extremely polite, to your friends and let them do anything, if they only use condom... And finally get extra hard punishment, if I am sloppy and for every real offence...
And I would also love to be your very horny Daughter, if your like to play my horny Daddy and you look, old enough... You can really take care of me, as my loving and very horny Daddy... Fuck me anal and train me, to your extremely delicious Teenage Slut, who love to do anything for Daddy... I can then call you Daddy, always dress very young and too sexy, remove any hair between my legs, gladly play more & more dirty games and suck Daddy's big cock everywhere, hold your hand outdoors (if you like) and naturally obey Daddy, as an extremely good girl or be severely punished!
And you must naturally give me more and harder "punishment" until i finally must give up, if i only ask nice or play naughty... Specially when i am helpless, in some delicious bondage... And you may first whip my sexy round ass, very severely, spank my poor breast and give me a deeply humiliating order... I can also visit you, if you really are fine, for a very special holiday of pleasure and pain... Finally can I obey extreme orders, just for your great pleasure or as real slave training and then report with long horny mails!

You are very welcome to write wild true stories, in EE plaza... The story must be based on real events, but it can be separate experiences and adventures, mixed together to a new reality, with other looks... And the main babe, must be a young slim wet girl, who love wild sex...
Click here for more information, in a new window...

The EE film club Yes, I have seen the film pages and I especially like the photos from film EE art A, B, E And I have naturally seen some of the films and my favorite is EE art A, B, C, D, E The two best EE scenes are when Nicole walk with the lace dress and with thin thighs, in the park Everything else in the films, are also good and that's very rare... My favorite EE girl, is Nicole Sassi and I especially love her very big wet cunt lips I have even bought the dreamy EE music, which truly is delicious and in class with Enigma!!
See the end of this page, if you want to become an EE star...
Visit Extreme Erotica film, in a new window!

My Greatest Interests Sex, be happy with you, sweet kisses, the beauty in life, thrilling projects, inventions, the summer, see film, see TV, listen to music, surf the web, read magazines, read books... Other great Interest: Write books, write short stuff, my home... Then I really like: Good food, vegetarian food, just take it easy, internet, HiFi stuff, Computer Stuff, write programs, play computer games, excellent technique, other fine things, my work, to study, short holidays, long holidays, fly south every winter, become very rich, to film, photographing... Sometimes: Drawing, painting, power boats, sail boats, cars, motor bikes, airplanes, weapons, martial arts, fighting, be fishing, hunt animals, have a dog, have a cat, sexy clothes, elegant clothes, fashion clothes... Like very little: Art, make food, yoga/meditation, take care of the home, dance, see theatre, play theatre, swim, diving, bicycling, ride on horses, skiing, play golf, play tennis, walk in town, walk in nature, camping, gardening, physical training, party life, club life... Never: Play football, play hockey, extreme sports, rock climbing, flowers...
The type of music I like Reggae, classic, sensual eurodisco, hot pop, soft pop (as Elton, Beatles) ballads, melody rock (as ELO, Billy Idol, Frankie goes to Hollywood) great dreams (as Enigma, Robert Miles, Pink Floyd) techno, synth, raw rock, rap, house, funk, blues, country, jazz...
Film types I like Adventure, action, sex, soft erotica, cartoon, science fiction, humor, war, romance, drama, documentary, horror, fantasy...
Sex films with Anal sex, teens, big boobs, asian, black, outdoor sex, gang bang, groups, wild fucking, elegant fucking, documentary style, amateur style, fist, intimate jewelry, spanking, bondage, hard SM, sexy clothes, pee games, story, lesbian, gay...
TV programs I like Films, music videos, how to do stuff, documentary, news, crime series, game shows, drama series (see diff types in film) nature, debate, sports..
And I surf the web Many hours, every day...

You are also very welcome to write deep interesting articles, in EE plaza... Maybe about
your special interest or tech stuff and even with some link, to find new great friends!!
See more here in contact EE plaza, who will open in a new window...

Other languages
I can both speak and write English
And I can also speak French
And understand Spanish

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Where you will find less than nothing,
because that was another example!

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Silver and Gold dolphins

We seek sexy girls, for the delicious EE films
I film and take photos in a lovely "documentary" style, that make you look even more delicious... Click for examples... And I mainly film the games you like most, but you must also like 8 of 98 extra advanced games, to spice the story... Then am I extra generous and film in a cozy easy way, at luxurious locations, often outdoors and maybe as a nice holiday!
You must only be slim (max a bit curvy) from 18 and look as 14-28 with a cute out pouting ass (slim round) rather slim thighs (upper legs) and something extra, as generous lips... You may then be dark or blond, long to short and even two girls!
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